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Alexandru Aprodu – Acid Void [Q271].rar
Capoon – I Got Soul – Remixes [CDARVA001].rar
El Chino DreadLion, The Zu – Ruta [NER24379].rar
Mason, Bonar Bradberry, Tom Thorpe – Dance, Shake, Move [4050538408591].rar
Moullinex – Painting By Numbers Remixes [DT085].rar
QuiQui – Black Swan EP [CIN112].rar
Sinan Kaya – One More Night [MOLE082].rar
Stanccione – About Blank [PPV046].rar
Stijn Sadee – Affetto [KITJEN007].rar
VA – Heavy Rotations Vol. 1 [MAEVELP01].rar
Barcelona Off 2018.rar
Chris Sadler – Meeha [CDR025].rar
Ciclo – The Tribal Roots EP [UTR049].rar
Dajae, Prok & Fitch – Sea La [RR2163].rar
David Herrero – Shamefa EP [MAYA151].rar
Franky Rizardo – Tempo [SP234].rar
Juan (AR), Santi (AR) – La Despedida [10136795].rar
LAAT – Give Your Love EP [TR286].rar
Marius (fr) – No Other Way [BP067].rar
Martin Waslewski – Majaka [EXP37].rar
Meleshkin – I Don’t Know [BCM117].rar
Niko Bellotto, Naile Sosa – Barasuayo [AFTNE005].rar
Pysh – Journey [QR062].rar
Saison – I Need Ya [NFR016].rar
Samuel L Session – Voltaic EP [SLEAZE143].rar
Sloux, Dave Martinez – Coroncoro [NER24364].rar
Stefan Braatz, Magdalena – Arise [KNG758].rar
Zusammenklang – Scorpion [OOAK051].rar


Barcelona Off 2018

Vanilla Ace – All U Got (Original Mix)
Supernova – Hot Plates (Original Mix)
Paolo Martini – What’s That (Original Mix)
Eskuche – Smooth Move (Original Mix)
George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Whiskas (Original Mix)
DJ Dep – Carry On (Original Mix)
LondonGround – Franklin (Original Mix)
Yvan Genkins – Snoopy (Original Mix)


Off Week is finally here! The most important week of the year for Barcelona’s electronic music scene has finally arrived and as its now tradition, elrow Music is delivering another installment of our great set of Various Artists releases, celebrating our sound in such important dates for the label’s hometown. This 2018 we have several comebacks, some debuts, but all-in-all, a very complete an amazing set of tracks, that are perfect testimony of the great moment elrow Music is living right now, thanks to you, dear crowds!

Opening this compilation we find Vanilla Ice’s ‘All U Got (Original Mix)’, a percussive, serious track built around its great and strong vocal sample, which gives it its character in the dancefloor. After it we have Supernova’s delivery, ‘Hot Plates (Original Mix)’, a sample-heavy track from the Italian duo that many will find familiar, based around percussion and with almost no melodies in the soundscape. Another highlight is Guille Placencia and George Privatti’s ‘Whiskas (Original Mix)’, a track in which La Pera Records bosses encompass elrow Music’s character and sound signature to perfection, with that simplicity and straightforward proposal, that builds the track around the hip-hopish vocal loop, giving this track true dancefloor character. We also have DJ Dep this time, with his ‘Carry On (Original Mix)’, in which he manages to tilt the bullseye with his more playful take, thanks to the wooden percussion, the vocal treatment and – specially the robot-like loop found by the end of the track -. Closing the compilation we have a big highlight of this release, LondonGround’s ‘Franklin (Original Mix)’, a track with a great progression, brass percussion, a very interesting synth melody that goes along the vocal line and an intriguing set of FX, making it the one of the most interesting tracks of the comp.

Another year that passes, another Off Week that we handle with all our love and passion for Barcelona’s electronic music scene. Pay us a visit if you’re in town!

10.06.2018 – ALL

Freudenthaler – What It Is (Original Mix).mp3
Hannes Bieger – Didyme (Original Mix).mp3
Hannes Bieger – Galeras (Original Mix).mp3
Hannes Bieger – Tephra (Original Mix).mp3
Hats & Klaps – Memories Of A (959er Remix).mp3
Hats & Klaps – Memories Of A (Original Mix).mp3
Hats & Klaps – Soul Dialogue (Original Mix).mp3
Hats & Klaps – The Red Forest (Original Mix).mp3
Haze-M, Me & My Monkey – Whisper Wishes (Original Mix).mp3
Kristin Velvet – Peach (Original Mix).mp3
Kristin Velvet – Plum (Original Mix).mp3
Mark Alow – Nebula (Original Mix).mp3
Mark Alow – Quasar (Original Mix).mp3
Mark Alow – Trip To The Lonely Planet (Original Mix).mp3
Maxi Degrassi – Kattegat (Original MIx).mp3
Maxi Degrassi – Magma (Original MIx).mp3
Monality – Bad Time Stories (Mind Shifter Remix).mp3
Monality – Bad Time Stories (Original Mix).mp3
Monality – Bad Time Stories (Timboletti Remix).mp3
Moullinex, UhAhUh – Painting By Numbers (Art Of Tones Remix).mp3
Moullinex, UhAhUh – Painting By Numbers (GPU Panic Remix).mp3
Moullinex, UhAhUh – Painting By Numbers (Xinobi Remix).mp3
Nuage – Electricity (Extended Mix).mp3
Nuage – Flares (Original Mix).mp3
Nuage – Thor (Extended Mix).mp3
Nuage – Whirl (Extended Mix).mp3
O’Man Bluess – Loxion Palace By Night (Original Mix).mp3
O’Man Bluess – Loxion Vibes (Original Mix).mp3
Paso Doble, Toshi – Kanti (Afro Warriors & Afrozone Remix).mp3
Paso Doble, Toshi – Kanti (FNX Omar Remix).mp3
Paso Doble, Toshi – Kanti (Kususa Remix).mp3
Paso Doble, Toshi – Kanti (Veneigrette Remix).mp3
Sinan Kaya – One More Night (Original Mix).mp3
Sinan Kaya – Sweet Memories (Original Mix).mp3
Stanccione – Not So Untitled (Original Mix).mp3
Stanccione – Untitled 1 (Original Mix).mp3
Stanccione – Untitled 2 (Original Mix).mp3
Steve Cole, Max Joni – Way Of Life (Circle Of Life Remix).mp3
Steve Cole, Max Joni – Way Of Life (Fred Berthet Remix).mp3
Steve Cole, Max Joni – Way Of Life (Original Mix).mp3
Stijn Sadee – Affetto (Gerd Janson Precious Hall Remix).mp3
Stijn Sadee – Affetto (Original Mix).mp3
Stijn Sadee – Ikebana (Original Mix).mp3
Stijn Sadee – Nacht (Original Mix).mp3
Tebra – Dusha (Original Mix).mp3
Tebra – Zora (Original Mix).mp3
Thimble – Acumbens (Original MIx).mp3
Thimble – Diving On The Moon (Original MIx).mp3
Tswex Malabola – Arsenic (Original Mix).mp3
Tswex Malabola – No Forests In Botswana (Original Mix).mp3
7even (GR) – Aivali (Original Mix).mp3
7even (GR) – Artemisia (Original Mix).mp3
7even (GR) – Erida (Original Mix).mp3
7even (GR) – Keryneia (Original Mix).mp3
7even (GR) – Pallada (Original Mix).mp3
7even (GR) – Pasiphae (Original Mix).mp3
7even (GR) – Persefoni (Original Mix).mp3
Anatol – Don’t Go (Original Mix).mp3
Anatol – Don’t Go (Precious K & Roman Rauch Remix).mp3
Ben Hoo – An Expanse (Original Mix).mp3
Ben Hoo – An Expanse (Pezzner Remix).mp3
Ben Hoo – Meet In The Middle (Original Mix).mp3
Brame & Hamo – Limewire (Original Mix).mp3
Brame & Hamo – Limewire (Tuff City Kids Remix).mp3
Brame & Hamo – Parade Rain (Original Mix).mp3
Brame & Hamo – Sports Complex (Original Mix).mp3
Camblom Subaria – Innovation (Original Mix).mp3
Camblom Subaria – Journey To Lillydale (Original Mix).mp3
Camblom Subaria – Super Mind (Original Mix).mp3
Dany Cohiba – World Breathe (Original Mix).mp3
Dany Cohiba, Eddie Amador – La Escepcion (Original Mix).mp3
Dany Cohiba, Eddie Amador – Lo Esencial (Original Mix).mp3
Filtergeist – Come With Me (Original Mix).mp3
Filtergeist – Enigma (Original Mix).mp3
Filtergeist – Tenzing (Original Mix).mp3
Filtergeist – Zao (Original Mix).mp3
Freudenthaler – For Clair (Original Mix).mp3
Freudenthaler – For Clair (Sweet Fruity Brunch Remix).mp3

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