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New Releases 10.05.2022

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 31

about _ river — Three Drops of Dopamine [SA139].zip
Andres Shockwave — Fluxx EP [DM247].zip
AROX, MENV, Somontano — 7 Bajo cero [OP8].zip
Audioglider — Crepuscular [ECR109].zip
Blissari — Dropping [NP0408].zip
Caravaca, Juanito — Didia EP [UNI210].zip
Cristian Villagra — Mother Beat [EST417].zip
Dmitry Molosh — Surface [DU090].zip
Ernes Guevara — Luna and Gea [FA187].zip
Ferra Black — Play [NM016].zip
Florian Bernz — After Dark [FREQ2218].zip
Francesco Poggi — Slowly [STASHDC041].zip
George Privatti — Lacayo [TMR123].zip
IDOS (IL) — Pink Rose [MIRM098].zip
Jean Beatz — Queen [UMR099].zip
Luis Leon, Haider Uppal — Dream Escape [NWS036].zip
Marcos Calegari — Afrika Dreams [HX018].zip
Mariche, Pablo Aristimuño — Not in the Morning [CRTR042].zip
Mindo — Carme [ST124].zip
Niko Adriatti — Nowah [SPX098].zip
Reno Allen — Dop [PKR197].zip
Richi Risco — Morocker Rain [WHW231].zip
Riigs, Vegard Solbakken, Ange Brooke — From The Sidelines [CH330].zip
Rodyy — Atmosphere [PLTL103].zip
SixthSense — Yum Balam [MM042].zip
Suit 9 — Desire [AWT108].zip
[email protected] — Exotic Matter [139].zip
Uzun — Inspiration [MYC1117].zip
VA — Kvina [RDKN45].zip
Vaxx, Gustaff — Back for More [PERA219].zip
Ye-Llow — Shame [MLD118].zip



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New Exclusive Music – 98 Tracks Сollection May 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 98 Tracks Сollection May 2022


2UP & AUDI — Sky High (Original Mix)
Abstract Vision & Subbota — Elevate (Extended Mix)
Ace of Spadez — Driving
Agatha Pher — Ether
Agatha Pher — Luar
Agatha Pher — Whisper
Andrew Toscano — I Know You Know
Andrew Toscano — String Theory
Anwohner — One Sixty (Felix Wittich Remix)
Automata. — Afterlife of the Party (Amrit Remix)
beautySearch — Energy of love (Radio Edit)
Caira — I’m Home (Original Mix)
Caira — I Don’t Want to Lose You (Original Mix)
Caira — Karma (Original Mix)
Carles — Perceptions
Chaos SA — African Market
Chär Spinelli — Fallen Angel
Chär Spinelli — Teniente Dan
Cocuns — Certain Point (Original Mix)
Cream (PL) — Caleidoscope
Cream (PL) — Atmosferic
D_KAM — Dump the Head (Original Mix)
Deni Astera — My Passion
Diego Acosta (UY) — Jenny
Diego Acosta (UY) — The Right Path
Emmanuella — Night Ride (Original Mix)
Emrah Balkan — Never Ending Mystery (Original Mix)
Federico Flores — Two Layer
Feinkost — Fishcake (Mathias Hagen Remix)
Frank FB — Soft & Wet (Original Mix)
Froyke — Excessive Pressure (Original Mix)
Froyke — Happy Accidents (Original Mix)
Gabriel Di Pasqua — Oblivion
Gabriel Di Pasqua — The Lair of Hades
Gert-Jan Kleyne — Ledlight (Extended Mix)
Hector Cortes — Diatoms
IDOS (IL) — Just a Dream (Original Mix)
Imar — Vagabond
Imar & Speciale — Vagabond
Influence (IN) — Lost Identity (Mr.Mind Remix)
Ivan BM — Transcendence
Jackie Jeff — Close To Me (Mauro Aguirre Remix)
Jackie Jeff — Close To Me (Original Mix)
Jackie Jeff — Take Off (Original Mix)
Jackie Jeff — Take Off (Sebastian Haas Remix)
Jackie Mayden — Azimut Spark (Original Mix)
Jackie Mayden — Virtual Reality (Original Mix)
Jad Gemayel — A Message of Hope
James iD — I Remember (Extended Mix)
Jean Beatz — Queen
Jean Beatz — Rising Tides
Jon.K — Takachi
Lopa — Innerthya (Agustin Pengov Remix)
Lopa — Innerthya (Dimel De Silva Remix)
Lopa — Innerthya (Indigo Man Remix)
Maglia — Barde
Maglia — Biskra
Maglia — Chouia
Maglia — Rohya
Marc DePulse & Eleonora — To Be Written (Extended Mix)
Marc DePulse & Eleonora — To Be Written (Sasha Carassi Remix)
Maxim Roin — Awakening
Mindo — Carme (Dmitry Molosh Extended Remix)
Mindo — Carme (Extended Mix)
Mowree — Acrobatic Sense (Original Mix)
Night Stories & Annamae FX — Twins
Niko Adriatti — Nowah
Niko Adriatti — The Wall
Nils Haze — Electric Voices
Nose Panik — The End (Original Mix)
Orange JD — Bad Ambient
Paralictika — After the Bomb (Paralictika)
Pional — Tempest
Remcord — A Night Among The Trees
Rodyy — Cosmos
Saturn — Dusty Road
Saturn — Whoo Mutshaka
Sencity G — Delusions (Original Mix)
Sencity G — Hallucionation (Original Mix)
SHMN — Vanguard (Original Mix)
Somontano & Arox & MENV — 7 Bajo cero (Original Mix)
Suit 9 — Audacity
Suit 9 — Desire
Tinlicker — Be Here and Now (Helsloot Extended Mix)
Tinlicker feat. Nathan Nicholson — Be Here and Now (Extended Mix)
Tinlicker feat. Nathan Nicholson — Be Here and Now (Helsloot Extended Mix)
Tom Neir — I Know You (Extended Mix)
Torsvm — Take Me Home
[email protected] — Dark Horizons
[email protected] — Exotic Matter
Verilog — Collision (Patrick Bogrja Remix)
Vicissu, Benicci, Siara Killer — Changes (Extended Mix)
Vøwel — Haldia
Yordee — Beyond Frontiers
Yousef feat. Penny F — Wildside (Original Mix)


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Top Tracks 10.05.2022

Top Tracks 10.05.2022

Hot 12 Tracks

Ark of Mind — Go Back (Original Mix) [VTOPIΛ].mp3

Ark of Mind — Nobody Else (Original Mix) [VTOPIΛ].mp3

Art in Motion — Gaia feat. Lourene (Sanio & Zarth`s Lisbon Sand Retouch)) [Plano B Records].mp3

CENKK — I Was Lost (Original Mix) [Borders Of Light].mp3

Dan Goul — Warning Signs (Original Mix) [Bondage Music].mp3

David Lindmer, Ela Ira — Altered State feat. Ela Ira (Extended Mix) [Purified Records].mp3

High On Mars, Wailey — Spirits of Dawn (Extended Mix) [UV Noir].mp3

Hot Since 82 — Out The Door (Original Mix) [Knee Deep In Sound].mp3

JAMIIE — Olvera (Original Mix) [Monaberry].mp3

Jon.K — Likasi (Original Mix) [Somatique Music].mp3

Mario Segura — Tesselation [Buddhabrot].mp3

Pambouk — The Illusionist (Original Mix) [Hoomidaas].mp3

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