New Exclusive Music – 133 Tracks Сollection May 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 133 Tracks Сollection May 2022


Agle — Vultures Circle (Hanzo & Yaman Remix)
Agle — Vultures Circle (Original Mix)
Agle — Where The Rainbow Ends (Rigopolar Remix)
Agle — Where The Rainbow Ends (Theus Mago’s Belafon Remix)
Alessa Khin — Marena
Anakim — Paragon Fading (Original Mix)
Anden — Youth Is Wasted on the Young (Martin Roth Remix / Extended Mix)
Arthesia vs DalNulla — Karaburan (Extended Mix)
Atosi — Orange (Original Mix)
Atosi — Re-Entry (Original Mix)
Atosi — Tesolat (Original Mix)
Ayhan Akca — Druid Modulation (Original Mix)
Biologik — When I Dream (Adam Nathan Remix)
Biologik — When I Dream (Monojoke Remix)
Boshan Montes — Africa
Boshan Montes — Traveller
BOVENS — Precious (Original Mix)
Casper Cole — 7 Dreams (Original Mix)
Christos Fourkis — Charama (Original Mix)
Cubicolor — Lose Your Senses
Curt Reynolds — Activate (Extended Mix)
Curt Reynolds — Path of the Sun (Extended Mix)
Daesmith — Cerro Negro
Daesmith — Sie Sah So Süss Aus
David Lindmer — Gravitas (Original Mix)
Dekkai — Northern Sun (Original Mix)
Dekkai — Reaching for the Sky (Original Mix)
Dekkai — Tatras (Original Mix)
Djose Elenko — Promises (Original Mix)
EL Nikolas — All We Need Is Music (Samer Tinoco Remix)
EL Nikolas — All We Need Is Music (Sole Llorente & HANS X Remix)
Elvis Sabani — Dedicated (Hollt Remix)
Ena — Defender (Original Mix)
Enamour — Dreamland (Extended Mix)
Enamour — Ergot (Extended Mix)
Enamour — Hang in There! (Extended Mix)
Fløa — Fate (Extended Mix)
Fløa — Fate (Jeremiah McKnight Extended Remix)
Fogsick — Dreamer (Extended)
Fogsick — Put Your Hands Up
Garlington — U (Extended Mix)
Garlington — Unsaid (Extended Mix)
Gate13 — Alpharah (Original Mix)
GC System — Alchemical (Original Mix)
George Kopaliani — I’m lost
Germán Case — Moon River (Original Mix)
Germán Case — Moon River (Soul Button Remix)
GMO — Crazy
HAUMS — Do You Feel (Original Mix)
High On Mars & Yellow Space — Eternity (Mylamix Remix)
High On Mars & Yellow Space — Eternity (Original Mix)
Home Shell — Dying Sun (Diego Acosta UY & Enzo Paradiso Remix)
Home Shell — Dying Sun (GVERRA Remix)
Hoten — Temptation (Andre Gazolla Remix)
Hoten — Temptation (Collective States Remix)
If I Dont — The Seer (Original Mix)
Ignacio Salgado — Constructions (Munz AR Remix)
Ijan Zagorsky — Remember
Influence (IN) — Eastern Uprising (Orignal Mix)
Influence (IN) — Hypnotic Space (Original Mix)
Janpaul — Light It Up (Ruddaz Extended Remix)
Jares — Edge Of Reality (Original Mix)
Jares — Hidden Miracles (Original Mix)
Jares — Oblivion (Original Mix)
Julian Rocchi — I’m not
Julian Rocchi — Litany
Kadhem — Phantom (Original Mix)
Kadhem & EZEK — Luminance (Original Mix)
Marc (AR) — Space Between Us (SALAZAR COL Remix)
Markus Swarz — Above the Sky (Original Mix)
Matt Ransford — Rapture
Matt Ransford — Rapture (Ann LoV Remix)
Mavra — Paradise
Mavra — Your games, My Love
Milkwish — Trinity (Extended Mix)
Mokx — Drag Me To Hell (Extended Mix)
Monarc — Alhena
NOIYSE PROJECT — Hyperquantum
NOIYSE PROJECT — Hyperquantum (Ruben Karapetyan Remix)
NOIYSE PROJECT — Running Mavka
NOIYSE PROJECT — Running Mavka (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
OIBAF&WALLEN — Dream Kingdom
OIBAF&WALLEN — Missing You
ONEN — Atlantida (Original Mix)
ONEN — Bedouin (Original Mix)
Paul Anthonee, Emiliano Demarco — Eterna (Original Mix)
PYM — Darkest Love
Redspace — Acidic Sound
Remundo — Dancin (Extended Mix)
RFS DU SOL — On My Knees (Cassian Remix)
Roudeep — Around Your Lies
Santiago Luna — Deep Cove (Original Mix)
Shanti Matkin — Tingling Sensations (Tebra Remix)
SparroX — Deficit
SparroX — No Name
Stefan Addo — Saudade
Stefan Addo — Saudade (Dirty Doering Remix)
Stevie Best — Arrow (Original Mix)
Stevie Best — Devils Kitchen (Original Mix)
Stevie Best — Rat Race (Original Mix)
Suit 9 — Heavenly (Original Mix)
Tebra — Vazda
The Dual Personality — Tribe (Extended Mix)
THE [email protected] — Obsession
Tiga — Mind Dimension (Ben Sterling Remix)
Tobias Wagner — Emilia
Tobias Wagner — Emilia (Stereo Underground Remix)
Tobias Wagner — Haus 23
Tobias Wagner — Synapse
Tojogo — Actuality
Tojogo — Sojourn
Township Rebellion — About a Tribe (Remastered)
Township Rebellion — Baud (Remastered)
Township Rebellion — Doppler
Tritonal — Back To My Love (Far Out Extended Remix)
Tulum — Adagio For Strings
Two-Gun — Canopus
VieL — Crossroads
VieL — Overblown
Who Else — Deep Blue Sea (Darin Epsilon Remix)
Who Else — Deep Blue Sea (Several Definitions Remix)
Y KOJ — Fairy World (Shayan Pasha Remix)


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