New Exclusive Music – 181 Tracks Сollection May 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 181 Tracks Сollection May 2023


91X — Illuminate (Extended Mix)
1615 — God of Madness (Extended Mix)
1615 — God of Madness (IN-Sane Remix)
A-mase — Spring Breathing
A X L — Orient Zone
Above & Beyond — Angry JP8 (Extended Mix)
Abuk — Attention
Abuk — Kalangú
Abuk — Präsens
Acidbro, El Sabat — Tothem (Alex Panchenco Remix)
ADZ, Cristoph, Luke Coulson — The Edge (Extended Mix)
Agustin Vallejo — Mutar
Agustin Vallejo — Origin
Alejo Fochi — Quiet Sunrise (Original Mix)
Alejo Fochi — Sinergy (Original Mix)
Amicitia — Endless (Extended Mix)
Amicitia — Hallucination (Extended Mix)
Amicitia — Reflection of Our Souls (Extended Mix)
Amirali — A Shooting Star
Amirali — Pink
AnaxD — Fade in Summer
Anurag Nandvanshi — YUDH (Original Mix)
Anurag Nandvanshi;PCP (BE) — YUDH (PCP (BE) Remix)
Artur Kasatsky — Vpokoe
Artur Kasatsky — Vpokoe (Jack Essek Remix)
Artur Kasatsky — Vpokoe (Mikhail Catan Remix)
Artura — Moments Apart (Extended Mix)
Artura — When Time Stood Still (Extended Mix)
Asmoday — Unum Somnium
Blancah — Stretching Life
Blancah — Um Novo Dia
Bob The Groove & Not Celine — Balma Valley
Bob The Groove & Not Celine — The Hutt
Bob The Groove & Not Celine — You Shine
Bohemian — Sanctuary (Extended Mix)
Booka Shade — Honeyslave (Joachim Pastor Remix)
Buraki — C4 (Original Mix)
Buraki — Splendid Field (Original Mix)
C-Culture — Dissimilate
C-Culture — Resonant
Chill & Groove — Spirit Of Xtasee (Original Mix)
CLOSEFLY, Kolya Liner — Atma (Day Vision Extended Mix)
Corren Cavini — Melancholy Party (Extended Mix)
Corren Cavini, Thysma — Frostbite (Extended Mix)
Cristoph & ADZ Feat. Luke Coulson — The Edge (Extended Mix)
Daniele Di Martino — Memories
Daniele Di Martino — Remember Me
David Folkebrant, John Gregory — Intertwined
David Folkebrant, John Gregory — Intertwined (Lokovski Remix)
Deep Dementure — Be the Same (Original Vocal Mix)
Deep Dementure — Love Is Connection (Original Live Mix)
Deep Dementure — The Other Side (Sunset Mix)
Deep koliis — Breathe
DEFLEE, Dub Pepper — Oh! My Way
DEFLEE, Dub Pepper — Old School
Devotionz — Tattoo (Extended Mix)
Digital Mess — Georotor (Gleb Rubens Remix)
Digital Mess — Georotor (Vanilla Version)
Dirk Bettermann — Alive (Extended Mix)
Dirty South & Ferry Corsten — Carte Blanche (Extended Mix)
donnerstag — You & I (Extended Mix)
Dowden — Urias
Dylan Deck — Almost There
Dylan Deck — Siberian
EdOne — Gate 12
EDX & Frey — The Rhythm Of The Night (Extended Mix)
Eleonora, Roumex — Void (Extended Mix)
Eli & Fur — Better In The Dark
Eli & Fur — Skyway (Extended Rewind Edit)
Elias Erium — Break The Silence
Elias Erium — The Machine
Emrah Balkan — Deep
Emrah Balkan — Harvester
Emrah Balkan — Iskip
Enis Coban, Eylül Sahin — Jaman (Original Mix)
Ertunç Şenbay — Ancient Phokaia
Ertunç Şenbay — Ancient Phokaia (Jack Essek Remix)
Eve — Friend in the Light
Fabi Yond — Am Ufer Des Qi-Stroms
Fabi Yond — Revision Des Ursprungs
Faminski — Svitlo
Faminski — Svitlo (Ali Wilson Remix)
Farloh — Distant View (Original Mix)
Farloh — V. A. S. (Original Mix)
Farloh — V. A. S. (XCI Remix)
Four Candles, Criss Deeper — The Vagabond (Original Mix)
Franky Wah — Paradium
GEMINIS — Open Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Gift of Africa — Ecstasy
Hamoon, Maicol MP — Lilac Flame
HARMAK — Gates of Atlas
HARMAK — Ya Layli feat. Omor Ramzi
Hayk Föhn — In Remainder
Hayk Föhn — Revival
Indieveed — Monumental
INURE (ES) — Diametric
Isaac Blum — Lost (Original Mix)
Kaki — Blood Compact (Crisy #136 Remix)
Kolsch, Kevin de Vries — Gate
Kolsch, Kevin de Vries — Masterplan
KOSMICWAY — A Journey In Heaven (Original Mix)
Lake Avalon — Monumental
Lake Avalon — When in France
Lampe — Darklight (Original Mix)
Lee Jones (US) — Toxic (Original Mix)
LERM (HU), EMYGDALA — Disurbia
Lightning Effect — Arc
Lightning Effect — Take a Deep Breath
Magvnm — Poopdeck Pappy
Martin Follenberg — Always The Sunrise (Original Mix)
Marvin Aloys — Last Night (Ante Perry Extended Remix)
Matador — Moonlight
Matador, Artche — Blue Dreams
Maurice Kaar, Raffaele Marchitelli — Pairs of Opposites
Michael Angelo — A.G.U-21 (Extended Mix)
Michta — Astra (Extended Mix)
Mou5EmO — Take Me Or Leave Me
Musson, thetema — Falling For (Original Mix)
Musson, thetema — Theseu (Original Mix)
Myth Helia — Beneath the Roots (Original mix)
Myth Helia — Spellbruin (Original mix)
Myth Helia — Talking Trees (Original mix)
NAASA — Something Real
NAASA — Something Real (Santiago Luna Remix)
Nabil Chami — Blurry
Nabil Chami — Waiting
Neilo — Dimension
Nihil Young — 1998 (Extended Mix)
Nopopstar — Dirty Game
Novakk, Locati — The Ness
Opposite — Back (Original Mix)
Paul Angelo, Don Argento — Helios
Paul Angelo, Don Argento — Trollformler
Peter Groskreutz — In Shape
Peter Groskreutz — nEck
Proteus — Deeper Trance
Reconeckt — Turn It Up
Rianu Keevs — Drop
Roudeep — Vibrance
Shady Jones — iComputer
SHAZZE — Manifestation (Original Mix)
SHAZZE — Transmission (Original Mix)
Shkloux — Blue Beam, Pt. 1
Sigmatic Project — Filter Circuit (Extended Mix)
SOEL — Persepolis
SOEL — The Descent
Sofia Duz — 666 (Imanol Remix)
Sofia Duz — Physical fulfillment
Sound Quelle, Daniel Robinson — Tempest (Falden Extended Remix)
Steve Foulds, Alfonso Muchacho — Dusk (Extended Club Mix)
Sundrej Zohar — Behind The Veils
Sundrej Zohar — Just Like Boom
Taglo, Zara Taylor — Impatient (LTN presents Ghostbeat Extended Remix)
Thiago Kruse — Blueshift
Thiago Kruse — Redshift
Thomas Labermair, RN7 — Echoes From The Sea
Thomas Labermair, RN7 — Kalypso
TINYgiant — Green Mamba
TINYgiant — Naja Naja
TINYgiant — Naja Naja (Following Light Remix)
Uzun — Oda (Original Mix)
Vahid Ghandizadeh — Remedy
Vallechi — Emotional Patches
Vallechi — Hold
ViTTi Alonso — Anubis (Dub Mix)
Vitti Alonso — Anubis
Voices of valley — No Time (His. Creator Remix)
Voices of valley — No Time (Original Mix)
Voices of valley — No Time (Soul Button Remix)
Wakati — Kenoma
Wakati — Pleroma
Weekend Heroes — Sub Zero
Wyro — Signal
Wyro — Signal (Bonus Version)
Wyro — Summer Ambulance
Yiassër — Age of Fear
Yuriy From Russia, FLERIIN — Avalokite (Waxman Remix)
ZIGŸ — Can You Feel That
Zy Khan — Hourglass
Zy Khan — Hourglass (Sundrej Zohar Remix)


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