New Exclusive Music – 202 Tracks Сollection May 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 202 Tracks Сollection May 2022


7even (GR) — Heart Alone
7even (GR) — Heart Alone (Original Mix)
8Kays — Subway To Berlin
10 Ton Obsidian — Dodging Bad Dreams (Original Mix)
10 Ton Obsidian — Pressure (Original Mix)
Adrian Hour — Transit (Original Mix)
Agents Of Time — Interstellar Cowboy
Agents Of Time — Interstellar Cowboy (Gui Boratto Remix)
Agustin Pengov — Circus
Agustin Pengov — Exile
Agustin Pengov — Karnaval
Agustin Pengov — Lost
Alan Fitzpatrick & Reset Robot — Feel The Rhythm
Alex Aguilar — Manifest Your Desires
Alex Vanni — Ill Be There for You (Extended Mix)
Alsay — Magic Night
Amarcord — Discoteca Nella Nebbia (Original Mix)
andee zeta — Light Before the Sun (Extended MIx)
Anden — Youth Is Wasted on the Young (Martin Roth Remix Extended Mix)
Araqell — Africa (Extended MIx)
Atwa — Falling Down
Austins Groove & Venky — All My Life
Avidus — Dunes
Avidus — Dunes (Jesse Trinidad Remix)
Ben Böhmer feat. LAU.RA — Erase (Rezident Extended Mix)
Bontan — Ayo
Cavid Askerov — Rhythm of the Night
Chris Lake & Cloonee — Nightmares (Extended Mix)
DAF (FR) — Shadows
damon jee — UFO
Danny Cervera, D1NA — Say No To War
Danny Fontana, Matteo Farah — The Machine Man
Dee Nine — Top Nine #11 (Preview) (mix)
Dee Nine — Top Nine #12 (Preview)
Dense & Pika — Cartoon Heart
Dion Anthonijsz — Savana
Doctors On Decks — Now (Beatamines Remix)
Doctors On Decks — Now (Tube & Berger, Modul Kollektiv Remix)
Dokho — Paralia (Extended Mix)
Dokho — Salomea (Extended Mix)
DSF — Feel This World
DSF — Feel This World (Momo Khani Remix)
DSF — Feel This World (Serious Dancers Remix)
EddyTango — Cihangir
EddyTango — Deepside
Eldon — Yo! Ruth (Extended Mix)
Enzo Paradiso — Outlander (Shanil Alox Remix)
Fabio Fuso — Dione
Fabio Fuso — Halftime
Fabio Fuso — Hive
Fehrplay — Step
FiveP — Redemption
Gadi Mitrani — Bleach
Gadi Mitrani — Raya
German Brigante & Yamil — Basari
German Brigante & Yamil — Basari (Amine K Remix)
Gidor, Badani, laroz feat. Idd Aziz — Tsere
Gidor, Badani, laroz, Matara feat. Idd Aziz — Tsere
Gidor, Badani, Spaniol feat. Idd Aziz — Tsere
Hannes Bieger — Obsidian (Oscar L Remix)
Havjers — Late Nighter
Havjers — Sleep Void
Heik — Stardust
Innerphonic — Rolling Earth
Intacto — Anasazi (Day Mix)
Intacto — Anasazi (Night Mix)
Ivailo Blagoev, Singing Body — When I Moo-Move (Original Mix)
Jan Blomqvist — Canopee des Cimes (Extended Version)
Javier Portilla — Come Closer
Javier Portilla — Come Closer (Novakk Remix)
Javier Portilla — Total Liberation
John Moblack — Soma Waves
John Moblack — Sonata N 8
John Monkman — Impulse
John Monkman — Perception
Jon.K — Almus (Extended MIx)
Joplyn — We Will Forgive Ourselves (MK Dub)
Jose Solano — Malibú
Jose Solano — Quietud
Juliet Sikora & Wally Lopez — Ardilla (Extended Mix)
Kadhem — Phantom
Kadhem & EZEK — Luminance
KeeQ — Keep An Eye (Extended Mix)
Khainz — Measuring Time
Khainz — Procyon
Khainz — The Unknown
Kirill Sarsenov — Street Dancer (Extended Mix)
Koen Groeneveld & Lilya (AZ) — Raving With The Voice
Kraft Der Sonne — Leere Hände
Kunky — Come With Me (Feat. Louise King) (Original Mix)
Lake Avalon — Libra
Lake Avalon — Poseidon
Leftwing : Kody — Apollo
Leftwing : Kody — Virtuoso
Lian Gold & Erika Krall — Nuur
Lian Gold, Erika Krall, Martin Magal & Anartist — Amal
Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone — Boarders (Original Mix)
Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone — Brokheimer (Original Mix)
Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone — Little Pictures (Original Mix)
Mark Beseliya & Marcelo Ignacio — Apropos
Mark Beseliya & Marcelo Ignacio — Your Welfare
Mateo! — Flashlight (Original Mix)
Max Styler & Paige feat. Marlhy — Nothing More To Say (feat. Marlhy) (Extended Mix)
Max Styler & Paige feat. Marlhy — Nothing More To Say (feat. Marlhy) (Paige Sunrise Extended Mix)
Mayo — Left Right
Mayro — Say Something
Mayro — The Glitcher
Mercurio, Hernan Cattaneo — A380 (Extended Version)
Michon — Lonely Space (Original MIx)
Michon — Mystical Jungle
Mntra & Alaflow feat. BruhBruhBruv — ALL DAY (Extended Mix)
Mollono.Bass — Dancer In The Dark (Club Version)
Mollono.Bass — The Seekers (Club Version)
Monkey Safari — Universal Love
Monostone — Sahara
Moonwalk — Beyond the Lines
Moonwalk — Different People
Moonwalk — Lunar Field
Naji Arun — Pursuing Hope
Niki Sadeki — Her Fire (Original)
Niki Sadeki — Hurricane of Yesterday (Original)
Nikko Culture & Giulia Mihai — Dream Of You (Deep House)
Ninetyfour. — Colorful Dark (Original Mix)
Ninetyfour. & Johanson — Moonlit Plains (Original Mix)
Ninetyfour. & Johanson — Moonlit Plains (Third Person Remix)
North Echo — Monochrome
Nox Vahn — In The Talons Of The Big Bird (Extended Mix)
Nox Vahn — Tribute (Extended Mix)
Obozov, Roobe — Or to Any Places (Extended MIx)
Oguz Demiroz — Death of Glory
Oguz Demiroz — Death of Glory
OIBAF&WALLEN — Etherea (Original Mix)
OIBAF&WALLEN — Inertia (Original Mix)
OIBAF&WALLEN — Planet X (Original Mix)
Oliver Poll — Shiva
Oliver Poll & KATAR — Persia
Orbital — Belfast (Yotto Remix)
Pablo Beirut — Corrientes (Original Mix)
Pablo Beirut — Fluido (Original Mix)
Pipo rodriguez, Drow — Cosmic Bliss
Prok & Fitch — I’m Quiet (Extended Mix)
Prok & Fitch — Salmodia (Extended Mix)
Reggy Lem — I See You
Reggy Lem — The Organic Pursuit (Deep Mix)
Rojan — Forbidden Paradise (Original Mix)
Romanthony — Let Me Show You Love (Hatiras Extended Remix)
Ron Costa — Take It Easy (Mr Bizz Remix)
RSPK — Russian Night (Extended Mix)
S-Donz — Hatshepsut
Dokho — Salomea (Extended Mix)
Scorz — Illuminate (Extended Mix)
Sebjak & Fahlberg — Somebody
Söhns & Erdi Irmak — Constellation
Space Food — Music Control (Original Mix)
Space Motion & Silver Panda vs. Erika Krall & Lian Gold — Tuka Tu
Starkato, Intaktogene — Cracks (Starkato Remix)
Steve Darko — Abyss
Steve Darko — Stay Awake
Steve Lynam — Coming for You
Steve Lynam — Hold
Teenage Mutants — Back for Rave (Original Mix)
Tenderheart — Happen Along
The Bestseller — City (Extended Mix)
TiDUs — The End of a Decade
TiDUs, Mar io — The End of a Decade
TiDUs, Oszillat — The End of a Decade
Tomi H — Melting Through
Township Rebellion — Doppler
Tryger — Find Me (Extended Mix)
Uzun — Appeasment (Original Mix)
Uzun — Lunar (Original Mix)
Ventil Shape — Devil’s Playground (Original Mix)
Vincent Marlice — Baccarat
Wailey — Dilema
Wailey — Dilema
Yannick Mueller — Aarau
Yannick Mueller — Hmunga
Yannick Mueller — The Parade


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