New Exclusive Music – 221 Tracks Сollection May 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 221 Tracks Сollection May 202


A-mase — Mi Destino (Extended Mix)
Aalson — With Each Other (Original Mix)
Aalson — Never Walk Alone (Extended Mix)
Aalson & Ceas — Obsession (Extended Mix)
Abuk — Kalangú (Original Mix)
Abuk — Präsens (Original Mix)
Acidbro & El Sabat — Tothem (Extended Mix)
Adriatique, Marino Canal — Desire
Sanolsen — Again
Aglaia Rave — Oneness
Alessio Peck — Geniale
Alexxon — Floating in the Ocean
Amadori — Move Closer
Amadori — Parabola
Ametrine — Primordial Whisper
Amir Telem — Laws Of Detachment
Amir Telem — Laws Of Detachment (Soul Button Remix)
Amir Telem — Radesh
Amir Telem — Radesh (Nopi Remix)
Andy Power — Blurring
Andy Power — Flexible
Andy Power — Novem
Artem Kai — Pain
Artem Kai — Yia Yai
ARTEM PRIME — Second Breath
AVTEL — Circle of Love
AVTEL — Foundation
AVTEL — Preciousness
Aytac Kart — Addicted
Baal (SL) — Shanthini
BerenX8 — New Dawn
Billion Watchers — In the Clouds
biskuwi & Fatum — Descending
Campaner (BR) — Escape
Campaner (BR) — Polonium
Carlos Arresa — Despertar (Belmat Remix)
Carlos Arresa — Despertar (Emiliyan Remix)
Choopie — Surprise
CLUSTERS — Everything Started
Conjure One, Jaren — I Don’t Want to Go There (Dennis Sheperd Extended Remix)
Danny Cervera — Inferno
Deestopia — 4am (Extended Mix)
Delta Vaults — Collapse (Extended Mix)
Devotionz — Tattoo (Extended Mix)
Diego Galloso — Asilah
Divino (AL) — Nomad
DJ Misjah & DJ Tim — Access (Joris Voorn Extended Remix)
DJ Stress (M.C.P) — I’m Loving You
Dobe — Cepheid
Dobe — Hayashi
Drega, Nana Atta, Drega, Nana Atta — Amafu, Amafu
Elle Mabell — Oriental
Ellroy — Eliminator
Ellroy — Frequent Flyer
Ellroy — Silk Road
Emiliano Ferrareso — Janma (Axshan Remix)
Emma Sanchez — Aluxes (Original Mix)
Emma Sanchez — Humanoid (Original Mix)
Ernes Guevara — Sanpaku Gan (Mauro Masi Remix)
F4T4L3RR0R — Exhale
Fede Ciccaroni — Driven by Love
Felix Raphael — Gentle Nights
Felix Raphael — Gentle Nights (Yannek Maunz Remix)
Felix Raphael, Huaira — Rising Suns feat. Huaira
Final Request — All I Wanna Know Is
Final Request — Sway
Final Request, STEFANO X RUTA — First Man
Findike — That True (Extended Mix)
Francis Mercier, Kiesza — Egyptian Sun (Extended Mix)
Funky M — Out of Space
Grom — Take My Love
Guy Gordon — Autumn (El Mundo Remix)
Guy Gordon — Autumn (Original Mix)
Guy Gordon — Autumn (René Diehl Remix)
Heliyan — To the Moment
Hezbo — Hiperconsumo (original mix)
Hillmer — Korg
Hot Space — Reaction
Husa & Zeyada — City Freak (Robert Babicz Remix)
Isaag — Every Day
Jab Vix — Lanai
Jamie Stevens — With You (Sasha Carassi Extended Remix)
JARES — Mont Royal (Original Mix)
Javi Dorantes — You Are (Extended Mix)
JDstreams — NO TIME IN OUR LIFE (Dario BianKI Rmx)
Jickow — Something Is Burning
Jope feat. Sarah De Warren — Hearts Don’t Forget (Extended Mix)
Kadosh, MAZZO BR — Make (Original Mix)
Kagge, Bowen — La Groove (Original Mix)
Karla Blum — Never Be The Same
Karla Blum & kaspar — Never Be The Same (Kaspar Remix)
Karla Blum & Maksim Dark — Never Be The Same (Maksim Dark Remix)
Kebin Van Reeken — Hypnotize (Extended Mix)
Kolophane — Celestial Waterfall (Original Mix)
Kolophane — New Home (Original Mix)
Korolova & Jonas Saalbach & SBSTN — Traces (Original Mix)
Len City — Rebirth
Len City — Rebirth (Es.Ka Remix)
Len City — Skypager
Len City — Skypager (Jones Halter Remix)
Lessum — Diggle Haze (Original Mix)
London Grammar — Baby It’s You (Dot Major Extended Remix)
Lost Witness & Malene — Red Summer Sky (Extended Mix)
Lu4o — Do it (Original Mix)
Luciano Neri — Looking 4U
Lunar Plane — Above
Lunar Plane — Je Danse
Lunar Plane — Waiting
Malov — Endurance (Extended Mix)
Malov — Guilting Loving You (Extended Mix)
Malov — Guilting Loving You (S.ONE Remix)
Malov — Guilty Loving You (Erly Tepshi Remix)
Malov — My Love (Dizharmonia & Skapi Remix)
Malov — My Love (Extended Mix)
Marco Faraone — Dangerous
Marco Faraone — Pressure
Marco Molina — The Power of Love
Mark Knight & Nitro DeLuxe — Brutal (Extended Mix)
MarksMan, Nick Fetcher — Ingoma
MarksMan, Nick Fetcher — Sahra
Mat Zo — Closure (Extended Mix)
Matt Fiber — Raver’s Journey
Max Freegrant & Slow Fish — Always By My Side (Extended Mix)
Max TenRoM — Orisha
maXure — This Too Shall Pass (Extended Mix)
Maywell — Shun
Meskalino — Angel
Metawav. — LAST NITE (Original Mix)
Michael Kortenhaus — Inside
MightyandMassive & Plasmatique — Swipe Right (Plasmatique Remix)
Miguel Pina — Omniscient
Monarke — Cerebral Awakening
Monarke — Cerebral Awakening (Dario Gismondi Remix)
Monarke — Cerebral Awakening (Night Stories Remix)
Monarke & Dario Gismondi — Cerebral Awakening (Dario Gismondi Remix)
Motel Sazani — Walking
NAASA — History
Nas Horizon — Communication
Nas Horizon — De Sonne
Nas Horizon — Power
Nas Horizon — Unreal
New Horizons — November (Original Mix)
Niconé, Aracil & Starving Yet Full — FIIIRE
Niconé, Aracil & Starving Yet Full — FIIIRE (Nicone huch, da war der arp noch an Remix)
NiKo (BR) — Imperfect World
NiKo (BR) — Serotonin
Noise Generation — Exterminate
NØRTH DRIVE — Dawn Again (Extended Mix)
Orkidea, DISCO19 — Forward Forever (DISCO19 Extended Remix)
P.O.S, Spencer Brown — It’s Me feat. Marieme (Extended Mix)
Pat Krimson — Trippin’ Elephant
Praana, Klur & Kuala — Breathe In (Extended Mix)
Product of us — Conscious Mind (Extended)
Pyramido — Thunder
Qusok — Together (Manuel Kane Remix)
RA7A (BR) — Radioactivity
RAFA MOON — The Stars
Ramyen & Assayag — Espresso
Rangel Coelho — Lost Spirit
Ric Niels — Psyncopath
Rich vom Dorf — Evermore
Ronnye M — Emotioless
Ronnye M — Space Come
RooneyNasr — The Unknown
Roudeep — All 4 U
Roudeep — Ignited
Röyksopp — How The Flowers Grow
Röyksopp & Pixx — How the Flowers Grow (Jan Blomqvist Remix)
Sanolsen — Again
Sasha Primitive — Without You
Sean Mathews — Set Me Free (Extended Mix)
Several Definitions — Disturbia
Sinan Arsan — Irrational
Slackers Project — Salvador
SoKool, Othertune — Chasing After You (Beatamines Remix)
Some Of — Beginning
Some Of — Beginning (Moon-Sun Remix)
Some Of — Beginning (Purple Mars Remix)
Some Of — Beginning (Van Múrten Remix)
Stan Kolev, Aaron Suiss — Envision (Original Mix)
Stetson — Heart Bleeding
Stil & Bense — Cyberlove
Stil & Bense — The Soul
Stil & Bense — The Spark
STORYTELLERS & Pratim — Infinite Spirals
Suit 9 & Chris Ponate — Perception
Suit 9 & Chris Ponate — Perception (IURII Remix)
Suit 9 & Chris Ponate — Perception (Kör Remix)
Sunset Moments — Every Waking Minute (Mark & Lukas Remix)
Tinexis — After Hours
Tinlicker — All That I Lost (Dub Version)
Tinlicker — All That I Lost (Extended Version)
Tioan — Euforia Bar (Extended Mix)
Tony Futura — Spunkman
Unique (CRO) — Black Mamba (Original Mix)
Uschowa — Parallax
Vasily Goodkov — Cold Soul
VERLK & Santiago Garcia & Steve Smith — Sisters
Vesy — Beauties Parade
Vesy — Bigger Plates
Vesy — Bigger Plates (Pedro Capelossi Remix)
Vesy — Wipe My Tears
Victor Garde — Aylyak (Extended Mix)
Victor Garde — Feel Your Touch (Extended Mix)
Vito Raisi — Future Underground
ViTTi Alonso, DIOS:CURE — Libra
Westend — Maracuya (Extended Mix)
Winterya — High Coast (Original Mix)
Yannick Mueller — 2003 (Original Mix)
Yannick Mueller — Edges (Original Mix)
Yannick Mueller — Rose (Original Mix)
YinYang Project — Mohican
Zonderling — Variant (Extended Mix)


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