New Exclusive Music – 94 Tracks Сollection December 2022 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 94 Tracks Сollection December 2022


Aaron Dmitriew — Walk Away
Abdallah balti — Queen Didon
Abuk — Morse Code (Original Mix)
Abuk — Take It Safe (Argia Remix)
Amado — Divine Strings
Anatoly Space — Secrets
Apex Sound Inside Nature — Ancient Legends
Beanfield — Looking Up (Original Mix)
Beanfield — Tides (feat. Bajka) (Art Department’s Roxy Blue Remix)
Beanfield — Tides (feat. Bajka) (C’s Movement #1 — Carl Craig Remix)
Beanfield — Tides (feat. Bajka) (Toto Chiavetta Edition 2022)
Beanfield — Tides Feat. Bajka (Ripperton Remix)
Bugra Baran — Going Under
Bursa — Awareness
Cassini Division — Keep It Together
Chär Spinelli — Abaddon
Chär Spinelli — Balder
DaDa Sound Project — El Nazar
DJ Dextro — Close to the Edge
DJ Dextro — Tenacious
DJ Dextro — The Creator
DJ Dextro — The Way It Is
Faminski — Chromatic
Faminski — Closer
Faminski — Revenge
Felipe Garcia (UY) — Above the Clouds
Following Light — Sensus
Gonzalo Veron — Black Sun
Gonzalo Veron — Dark Progres
Icy — Astral Tabla
Icy — Cosmic Riq
Ignacio Salgado — Deep Dreams
Ismailovic — Made In Jahannam
Ivan Roudyk — To The Moon
James Poole — Make The Dream Work
James Poole — Ruff Love
James Poole — Too Cool To Dance
JAXXD — New Reality
Kanjava — Still Come Back
Kate Rogalski — Take My Hand
Keistep — Catabasis
Keistep — Memory Lost
Klissmoon — Leave Me Alone
Kooku — Last Chance Saloon
Lostep — Burma
Manu Loops — Eternals
Mayo Shreds — Not Alone
Mella Dee — Big Eff Off Groove
Michael Simon — Umami
Mindlancholic — In the Middle of Nowhere
Natema Sugar Hill — Make Him Love (Extended Mix)
Nicky Three Sixty — Unstoppable
Noise88 — Minimal Growl
Oguzhan Gemma — Rumble
Parallela — Q Point (Original Mix)
Parallela — Waypoint (Ken Hayakawa Auhof Remix)
Parallela — Waypoint (Ken Hayakawa Remix)
Parallela — Waypoint (Original Mix)
Paul Vega — Error 33 (Kenny Kelly Remix)
Paul Vega — Error 33 (Original Mix)
RMNY — Far Away From Home
Shingo Nakamura — Falling Off (Extended Club Mix)
Space Food — Never Linger
Starya — Clouds
Vasily Goodkov — Too Far Gone (Third Project Interpretation)
XLR:840 — U Never Know


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