New Exclusive Music – 109 Tracks Сollection December 2021 (

New Exclusive Music – 109 Tracks Сollection December 2021


8Kays, Diana Miro — Easy
A.J Roland — Reflections
Aera — Danza Invisible (Philip Auster Remix)
Agustin Ficarra — Sidelar
Aiwaska, The Egyptian Lover — Imagination
Antimatter Particle — Tar
Ashtar — Trip To Fantasy (original mix)
Boom — Sergey Nomad & Shadow Wano
Breaking The Bubble — On My Own Way (Extended Mix)
Cirez D — On Off (Original Mix)
Colle, Sascha Naomi — Silk Flower (Re-Visited Mix)
Crimsen — Ride the wave — 43 Degrees
Dana Abbazova — Ambitions
Dave Dashur — Algoritm (Original Mix)
Dave Seaman — Buzzfuzzle (Original Mix)
Daweed — Outdoor (Original)
Derun — Ven Hermosa (Original Mix)
Dimitris Athanasiou — Night Dreamer
Divino (AL) — The Roots
Divino (AL) — Time Goes By
DrS — Back Down (Guaraci Remix) [Hug Records]
Dusty Kid — Constant Rising (Indira Paganotto Remix)
Dusty Kid & Marascia — WIWY (Michelle Sparks Remix)
Emre K. — Free (Original Mix)
Estas Tonne & Tobias — The Call (Ian Metty Lost In Sound Remix)
Evade — Delusion
eVADE — Delusion (Original Mix)
Fabian Balino — Endless Story [3rd Avenue]
FaraoN — Lost in This Moment
FJ9 — In the Absence of Time
Frannz — Dancing in the Morning (Original Mix)
Frannz — The Distance (Original Mix)
Frannz — The Distance (Who Else Remix)
Gogi — Change (Isaque Solaris Remix)
Goom Gum — Jois (Original Mix)
Human League — Reflections
ID7 (UA) — Inner Desire
ID7 (UA) — Let Me Go
Ilse & Baerg — Endless Abyss
Itzhak Glam — Deep State (Original Mix)
Itzhak Glam — Pato (Original Mix)
Itzhak Glam — The War Of The Worlds (Original Mix)
James Harcourt — Elfin (Original Mix)
John Dopping — The River Leads feat. Ebbe (Original Mix)
Jordan Paredes, Bravio, Mashbuk Music — Team Perú
Jorge Viana — Point Nemo (Andrés Moris Remix) [Terasonic]
JP Lantieri — Volcano (Original Mix)
Juany Bravo — Can’t Get Away — Music is 4 Lovers
Julio Posadas — Forever (DavWem Remix)
Kale Kamine — Kitaro
Klangwerk — Die Kybernauten (Colyn Edit)
Koalla & Aycond — So Cold (Original Mix)
LUCASMB — Who Gettin’ Down (Original Mix)
Madorasindahouse — Darque & Da Capo — Yauna (Feat. Idd Aziz)
Maltin Fixx — Equilibrium (Original Mix)
Maltin Fixx — Saturn (Original Mix)
Masayno x Covayelle — Bai (Extended Mix)
MIGANOVA — Camino Salvaje
Mirida — Labyrinth
Moeaike feat. Howard Dee — Journey Through Music
N.O.Y — Sirena
NeoTraffic — Sleepless Nights (Original Mix)
Nicolas Benedetti, Martin Ojeda — Complex (Martin Ojeda Remix) (Martin Ojeda Remix)
Odagled Feat Amy Douglas White — What Happens Now [Alpha Black]
One Release — Alkatron (Original Mix)
One Release — Helas Mjolnir (Original Mix)
One Release — The Borg (Original Mix)
Papa Tin — See You
Petros Odin, Anastasia Nati, Benet — Pictures On A Wall (Siopis Remix)
Pirate Copy feat. Hattie Snook — You Need It
PROGRUSS — Mental Block (Original Mix)
PROGRUSS — Sank To The Bottom (Original Mix)
Pryda — Alfon
Rafael Cerato — Everlasting
Resilient — Hope (Original Mix) [Beat Sound Visions]
Rez Dorsia — Ghosts & Memories
Rianu Keevs — Dark Mirror (Original Mix)
Rianu Keevs — Honey (Original Mix)
Robben Cepeda — Shaula (Eraserlad Remix)
Robert Babicz, Alex Kaspersky — Starblast
Roman Avan — Free your body
Roman Avan — Raving Heart
Samanta Liza — Lost Touch (Dastan Remix) — But Did You Dance
Santiago Luna — Alba
Savin — Imagine (Extended MIx)
SDK (CA) — What They Want (Armen Miran Re
Sean Finn & The Soundlovers — Run Away
Sean Finn, The Soundlovers — Run Away (No Hopes Remix)
Sergey Levitskiy — Abracadabra
Sergey Muzarks, MZN — Distance
Shui Mi Tao — Pretty Tight
Sian — I Feel You All Around Me (Damon Jee Remix)
Sian — Pain
Sian — You Got A Hold On Me
Smoke G — Anxiety
Smoke G — Focused
Space Food — Alive With U (Original Mix)
Tadej Jaki — Helley (Original Mix) | INNU Records
Thomas Gandey & Alex Kaspersky — To Find Reason (Original Mix)
Victor Romero — Sona (Dave M.Sanchez Remix)
Viral Gucci, El’Tee — Gorilla
W.O.L.F. Feat. Gil Cerezo & Flor Capistran — El Susto (Alvee Remix)
Yannick Trachsel, Kasaïan — Ain’t No Drug Strong Enough (Adrik Remix)
Yeah But No — Going Down (Original Mix)
Yeah But No — Veneer (Original Mix)
Yeah But No & Echonomist — Veneer (Echonomist Remix)
Yeah But No, Terr — Going Down (Terr Remix)
Yilo feat. David Rossi — The Call


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