New Exclusive Music – 199 Tracks Сollection May 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 199 Tracks Сollection May 2023


Aalson — Danger For Humanity
Aalson — Machine’s Reality (Extended Mix)
Adventune — Wash My Sins Away
Aikon — Come Together
Aikon — Energy Control
Aikon — Rattles
Aikon — Space Adventure
Alain Fanegas — Impulse
Alex Louizos — Make My Summer Wild
Alexander Komarov — Last Sunset (Extended Mix)
Amadei — Franki
Assino — I Found Whistle
Assino — Twisted
Atche — I Keep Love You
Avigate — Falling (Extended Mix)
Azzecca — Mantra (Extended Mix)
Bart Skils, Weska — Palm Strings
Bart Skils, Weska — Something More
Bekman, Gio Correia — Clouds (Extended Mix)
Bekman, Gio Correia — Flying Away (Extended Mix)
Ben Biron — Efes Ehad (Original Mix)
Ben Biron — No Muse (Original Mix)
Ben Biron, Dorrani — Welcome To Jericho feat. Dorrani (Original Mix)
Ben Sterling — All Over My Body (feat. Superchumbo)
Bilgehan Ünver — We Are One
Collision OFF-Loma — Identify
Davrin — Glow
Der Effekt — Holding Me
Der Effekt — Insomnia
Der Effekt — Melody In The Night
Dirkie Coetzee, Deeper Calling — Interstellar Travel (Extended Mix)
DJ Danzik — Desert Soul
DJ Danzik — Echoes Of Screams
DJ Morph — Under My Skin
Emanate — Galaxy Glue
Eme Kulhnek — Digital Slave
Emi Galvan — Around the World (Original Mix)
Emi Galvan — Samsara (Original Mix)
Estiva — Dreamer (Extended Mix)
Estiva — Dreamer (Extended Outro Mix)
Felix Reichelt — Bending
Fernando Olaya — Crazy Mood (Extended Mix)
Fernando Olaya — Lost In Marrakesh (Extended Mix)
Fernando Olaya — Palma Negra (Extended Mix)
Fernando Olaya — Symphony Of Stars (Extended Mix)
Filippo Cirri — Africa
Filippo Cirri — Concini
Frank Sonic & Gabriel Di Pasqua — Sawdust
Franky Wah & Artche — Dawn (Original Mix)
Fur Coat, Lexer — Celestial Realm
Fur Coat, Lexer — Far Away
Gabriel I, Rawbach — Holy Land (Original Mix)
Gabriel I, Rawbach — Lost Sense (Original Mix)
Gabriel I, Rawbach — Primus (Original Mix)
Galluxy — The Other Side (Extended Mix)
Giuliano Rodrigues — For a Feeling
Goom Gum — Chant
gorgin — Principal Agent (Sunrise Version)
Graumann — Antidote
Graumann — Hemlock
Green Lake Project — Thorn (Original Mix)
Hasan Ghazi & SiDD — The Lost Boys
Hasan Ghazi, Sidd — The Lost Boys (Verazlo Remix)
Hollt — Above (Unreleased)
inflore — Artefact
inflore — Back to Humanity
inflore — Supremacy
InvictoZ — Za Nas Pocnuva Zivot
Jaap Ligthart — Sunshine Swing feat. Koenrahd (Greg Ochman Remix)
Jaap Ligthart, Tine Machine — Hongria (Jordi Iven Remix)
Jad Gemayel — Only Techno Is Your Escape (Original Mix)
JAHAYA — Nightfall
@behnamdeephouse — Jenia Tarsol & Jinga — Takadoom
Jimi Jules — My City’s On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix)
Johan Mila & André Texias — Inner Call
Johan Mila, Andre Texias — Disco Currency (Original Mix)
Johan Mila, Andre Texias — Inner Call (Original Mix)
Joplyn — Speak To Me (Original Mix)
Ju Carvalho — Energy
KAMADEV — Like a Bird
KAMADEV — Like a Bird (GRAZZE Remix)
Kastis Torrau — Menace (Framewerk Endangered Remix)
Kastis Torrau, Amber Long — Menace
Kimman — Hyperloop (Original Mix)
Kimman — Lvl Up (Original Mix)
Kimman — Save Me (Original Mix)
Krasa Rosa — Bereg
Krasa Rosa — Polovodya
Krasa Rosa & M.O.S. — Solovey
Krasa Rosa, Ranta & Miroshin — Kolybelnaya
Kryder — The Eye Of Ra (Extended Mix)
Lanfree — Manovrapei
Lanfree — Moon Knight
Lautaro Castro — Digital Virus
Leaving Laurel — and those guardian angels carried you away
Leaving Laurel — better days will come
Leaving Laurel — you need to be there for them
Lehar — Let People Know
Lehar — Let People Know (Luke Alessi Remix)
Lehar — Let People Know (Mia Mendi Remix)
Lehar — Whispers
Lennart Richter — Mojito
Lino Tenerife — Nostalgic
Luis Damora — Castex (Forty Cats Remix)
Luis Damora — Castex (Original Mix)
Luis Damora — Messio (Cary Crank & OBL Remix)
Luis Damora — Messio (Original Mix)
Maand — Destruction (Unreleased)
Malive & Linkage — Pictures
Marc DePulse — A.I. (The Organism Remix)
Marsh — All Night Long (Icarus Extended Mix)
Marsh & Wassu feat. Mariel Beausejour — Forgiveness (Anyasa Extended Mix)
Marsh feat. Leo Wood — Blue (Warung Extended Mix)
Matan Caspi, ASHER SWISSA — Vortex
Mats Westbroek — For So Long
Max Ches — Justice
MAXTAGE, Ahmed Abdurahimli — Abstract
Maz (BR), JP Castro — All For You feat. Luke Coulson (Monkey Safari Remix)
Medusa — Anlarsın
messier & Ezek — Urania
MiliPrezz — Xetomi
Monolink, Stephan Jolk — The Silence (Extended)
Monostone — Aline
Monostone — Aline (Ancient Soul Remix)
Moonbeam — Gabriel (Extended Mix)
No Day After, Jordan Arts, PACS — Cover Me feat. Jordan Arts (Extended Mix)
Noaldo Acosta — Zombie
NoNameLeft, Flanko — Time (Lampe Remix)
NoNameLeft, Flanko — Time (Original Mix)
Nora En Pure — Prophets of Hope (Extended Mix)
Nora En Pure — Sycamore (Extended Mix)
Nora En Pure — Wholehearted (Extended Mix)
Orkidz — Outer Spice
P.O.S & Spencer Brown feat. Marieme Album — It’s Me (P.O.S Extended Mix)
PACS & No Day After Feat. Jordan Arts — Cover Me (Extended Mix)
Pao Calderon — Life
Paralel — Nothing Is Real (feat. Davide Famularo)
PARALEL, Davide Famularo — Electric feat. Davide Famularo
PARALEL, Davide Famularo — Electric feat. Davide Famularo (Angelov Remix)
PARALEL, Davide Famularo — Nothing Is Real feat. Davide Famularo
PARALEL, Davide Famularo — Nothing Is Real feat. Davide Famularo (Carlo Whale Remix)
PHYZXX, Renay Renae — The Beginning (Extended Mix)
Powel — I Would Wait
Powel — Phaser Is Set To Stunning, Let’s Go
Powel — Slightly Frozen
Powel feat. Benny Stein — Piano Reeves
Pressurized — Love Me Feel Me
ReCorpo — Haul
ReCorpo — Tear
Redspace — City Walk
Redspace — Kundalini
Redspace — Nirvana
Rianu Keevs — Can You Feel Me
Robby East — Center Of Gravity (Extended Mix)
Robby East — Toucan (Extended Mix)
Robby East & A.M.R — Marula (Extended Mix)
Robert L — Echo (Instrumental Mix)
Robert L — Save Me (Extended Mix)
Ruslana Taranuha — Soon Me Back
Sandar Sánchez — Diamonds
Sandar Sánchez — Nightshift
Sandar Sánchez — Nightshift (Carbon Remix)
Sandar Sánchez — Paradise Alley
SashaSky — Think About Me (Facundo Sosa Remix)
Savin — Transcending
Seegy — Dejavu
Seegy x Kaimei — Dejavu (Extended Mix)
Seismal D, Ashmere — Lovers
Seismal D, Ashmere — Lovers (Soul Button Remix)
Sequo — On My Lips
Sequo — On My Lips (Axel Zambrano Remix)
Sequo — On My Lips (Juan Beldarrein Remix)
Serge Bosin — Universe
Shah (EG) — When I Look At You (Unreleased)
Sian, Burko, Ryan Schulze — Fade Away (Extended)
Sino Sun — You
SoKool — Chasing After You
Space Motion & Silver Panda — Stranger (Original Mix)
Spada — ACD (Extended Mix)
Spada — Say No (Extended Mix)
Stereo Express — Reboot (Original Mix)
Talal Sam — Exhibition
Tennan — Neon Soul (Original Mix)
Tennan — Start Again (Original Mix)
Toto Chiavetta — Random Tools Generator (Denis Horvat Remix)
Trey Vinter — Astronomy (Extended Mix)
Trikk — Regado (Original Mix)
try-ky, Archangel28 — Zulu
Umut Torun — Make Me Fly
Unseen. — Truth Untold
Viv Castle — Here Comes The Ride (feat. Kxne)
Wein — Happiness
Wolf Jay — Eight O Eight (Extended Mix)
YU-1 — Fiction (Extended Mix)


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