New Exclusive Music – 221 Tracks Сollection May 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 221 Tracks Сollection May 2022


Aaron Sevilla — Kamoreng (Original Mix)
Adriatique — Home (Mind Against Remix)
Adriatique, Marino Canal, Delhia De France — Home (Mind Against Remix)
Ahmet Kilic & 2NA — Time Is Running Out (Original Mix)
Alexey Slim — Cybernetics
Alter (UA) — Chasing Wild Horses
Ant Healy — Billy
Antoni Spela — In The Dark (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren & Shapov — Welcome Home (Extended Mix)
Arni — Stop and Listen (Adonis FR Remix)
Arni — Stop and Listen (David Bort & Armando Vazquez Remix)
Arni — Stop and Listen (Mario Mocca Remix)
Artrik — The Trinity (Argia Remix)
Astral Field — Lucidity (Extended Mix)
Autonomi — In the Jar
Autonomi — In the Jar (Rouzbeh Delavari Remix)
B Beat Girls — For The Same Man (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix)
Barucc — Always (Original Mix)
Barucc — Feel Confused
Barucc — The Fire
Barucc — Waiting For You
Ben Coda — Green Eyes (Ettica Remix)
Ben Coda — Green Eyes (Original Mix)
Berni Mora — Reversed
Berni Mora — The Magician Frequency (Gadi Mitriani Remix)
Billy Esteban — Mosaic (Elias Fassos & RisK Gr Remix)
Billy Esteban — Mosaic (Yohan & David Remix)
biskuwi — Blind Man’s Labrynth
biskuwi — Blind Man’s Labrynth (Bebetta Remix)
Black Light Smoke — Embrace (Man2.0 Remix)
Black Light Smoke — Never Go Home (In Flagranti Remix)
Bob Sinclar — I Feel For You (Star B Extended Remix)
Brosso & Jon.K — Action
Bynomic, Sinan Arsan — Existence (Original Mix)
Caymane — Menari (Original Mix)
Cevin Fisher — We Bout That Life (Original Mix)
Chaim — In Trance We Trust (Original Mix)
Charly O-F — Love Me
Charly O-F — The Valley Of The Sun
Chris Zippel — Sunbird
Colle — Cold Genius
Colle — People Into Objects
Crimsen — I Still Think of You (Mees Salomé Extended Remix)
D-phrag — Green Lands
D.j. Danver de lauder — Fobia (Original)
D.j. Danver de lauder — Line step (Original)
D.j. Danver de lauder — Song analog (Original)
DAYKON — Don’t Know Why
Deeper Than L — Daydreamer (Original Mix)
Deeper Than L & Ucros — Daydreamer
Dhany G — Synergia
Dhany G — Synergia (David Podhel Remix)
Dhany G — Synergia (Sinan Arsan Remix)
DHF, Goontha — Give Me Your Rhythm
Dillon Marinez — Facelift
Dillon Marinez — Wormhole
Dirty Doering — Mafalda (Enamour Remix)
Disfreq — Essa Mina
Dizharmonia — Adelfotis
Dizharmonia — Eordanes
Dizharmonia — Samareia
Dj Pantelis — Priturita
DJ Tomer & Ricardo feat. Zoya M — You Don’t Know Me
DJ Tomer & Ricardo feat. Zoya M — You Don’t Know Me (Caiiro Remix)
DJ Tomer, Ricardo & Atmos Blaq feat. Mayan — Let’s Not Pretend (Club Mix)
Dmitry Molosh — Surface (Sebastian Sellares Remix)
DNDM — Baiser Français (Original Mix)
Doanro & Lonner & F.R.I.M — Kupala
Dodi Palese — TSWR (Original Mix)
Doguez — Apollo
Doguez — Hera
Domingo + — Sentimental Fool (Pole Folder Full Sentimental Mix)
Dreamteller — Eclipse
Dreamteller — Thoughts of the Universe
DULEP — Circularity
DULEP — Survivor
Dylan Deck — Love Explosion
Dylan Deck — Voraciuos
Ellis Moss — Critical (Extended Mix)
Emmanuella — Night Ride
Eugene Jay — Gipsy Techno (Original Mix)
Ezequiel Arias — Esperanza (Extended Mix)
Ezequiel Arias — Modern Memory (Extended Mix)
Far Distance — Talius
Fel C — We Are Just Lost (The Khitrov, Obozov Remix)
FO2YOU — Navruz (Original Mix)
Fred Lenix, Dino Lenny — Motivator
Fred Lenix, Dino Lenny — Psycho Under Pressure
Fuenka — Enigma (Extended Mix)
Gabriel Tostta — Astral Traveller
Gabriel Tostta — Cepheus
Gabriel Tostta — Secrets
Grace In Space — No. 14 (Kutuzoff Remix)
Grace In Space — No. 14 (Raevskiy Remix)
Greyn — Arboretum (Original Mix)
Grooveandyes, Lautaro Gabioud — Lost Nation Anthem
Grooveandyes, Lautaro Gabioud — Stellar Drive
Grum feat. Natalie Shay — Don’t Look Down (Extended Mix)
Habischman — A Dream Within A Dream (Edu Imbernon Remix)
Home Shell — Graceful (Artem Kazantsev Remix)
Horisone — Distorted Reality (Original Mix)
James Hurr — Di Da Di (Extended Mix)
Jei — Brave Myself
Julian Wassermann — Visionaire (Original Mix)
Kaiyan — Frangipani (Extended Mix)
Kaiyan — Hinterland Rhapsody (Extended Mix)
Karpovich — Digital Acid
Katoff — Solise
Katoff — Solise (L E N K E Remix)
Kilany M — Permanence
Kilany M — Permanence (Elena Kulstof Remix)
KIRIK — pak wdia www (Original Mix)
KIRIK — U Final Point (Original Mix)
Labert — Forever in My Mind
Labert — Internal Desire (Space Food Remix.)
Lake Avalon — Holmes
Le Youth feat. RBBTS — Lighthouse (Extended Mix)
Le Youth feat. Tailor — Dreaming (Extended Mix)
Le Youth x Sultan + Shepard feat. Emily Falvey — Pattern (Extended Mix)
Leaving Laurel — Winter In The Woods (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)
LUNASUN — Valley to Valley
M.A.N.D.Y. & Maga & Inga Humpe — Time Is On My Side
M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A. — Bazar
M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A. — Magrib
M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A. & Adam Moda — Felt & Won
M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A. & Adam Moda — Sun & Moon
Marco Bailey — From My Mind
Marco Bailey — From My Mind (Axel Haube Remix)
Martín Dubiansky — Elium
Martín Dubiansky — Well Deserved
Matchy — Revelation
Maxim Lany — Beast (Extended Mix)
Maxim Lany — Cyclone (Extended Mix)
MGiK — Who Says No? (Original Mix)
Milkwish — Empire of Sand (Extended Mix)
Moe Turk — Sounlounge
Moe Turk — Sounlounge (Dub Mix)
Mr Morek — Arcanum (Original Mix)
Mullet Bros — L’explorateur (Endrik Schroeder Bocca 89 Tribute)
Mullet Bros — Oxygen8 (David Body Remix)
Murat Uncuoglu — Blanca (Original Mix)
Nandu — Mother Jogger (Original Mix)
Narik — Dodecagon
Narik — Nebula
New Spectrum — I Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix)
Nopopstar — Take Me Home (Original Mix)
Nopopstar, Xandl — Space Travel (Original Mix)
Orange JD, Cloz — Bad Ambient
Orange JD, Cloz — Riddle
PEACE MAKER! & Esh — Golddiggas (Extended Mix)
Phaune — Suite Draconique
Phaune, Ninon Corpet — Cicada feat. Ninon Corpet
Push & Joyhauser — Choir Of Spirits
Pysh — Patataj
ReCorpo — Plutone (Original Mix)
Remcord — A Night Among the Trees
ReOrder & Jordan Tobias pres. Crowd+Ctrl feat. Ellae — Hysteria (Extended Mix)
Robbie Doherty — Neal St
Robbie Doherty — Steel Bird
Roberto Aluigi — Disorder
Roberto Aluigi — Inanis
Rodden von Ast & Pay Kusten — Anguilla Anguilla
Rok Primec — From The Paradise (Original Mix)
Roni Iron — Panigiri
ROWA — Bitter
ROWA — Sweet
RYAN (CU), Seycel — Brotherhood
RYAN (CU), Seycel — The Storytellers (Augusto Dassano Remix)
Salvanoes — Techno Inteck (Original Mix)
Sasha & Alex Banks — Australia
Sasha & Mr. Sosa — Who U Are
Sasha & Pumarosa — Just Us
Secret Factory — The Bull
Seycel — The Storytellers (Augusto Dassano Remix)
SHMN — Planetes
SHMN — Vanguard
Simon O’Shine, Fe Malefiz — Can’t See Clearly (Original Mix)
Sisko Electrofanatik — Anthem Of Light
Sisko Electrofanatik — Metaverse
SKALA — Winter Sun (Original Mix)
Skena — Quitting
Skyknock — Falcon X (Extended Mix)
Skyknock — Hypersensitive (Extended Mix)
Solanca — Golden Tears (feat. Mira Nait)
Solee — Epoche (Original Mix)
Sorley — Strung Up (Extended Mix)
Stan Kolev, SANTIABLO — Tikuna
Stazam — Candle in the dark
Stendahl & Meeting Molly — Balearis (Extended Mix)
Stendahl & Meeting Molly — Outlines (Extended Mix)
Stephan Jolk — About My Dreams
Stephan Jolk — Flowers Of Evil
Stephen K Cal — Horizon Zero (Original Mix)
Subalpine — Heart Fog (Original Mix)
Subalpine — Underpass (Original Mix)
Tagavaka — Bijou
Tagavaka — Eyes Turn To Solitude
The Khitrov, Margaryan — Life Is Game Bakshi (Extended Mix)
TiDUs — All Settled (Oszillat Remix)
Tim Engelhardt — Firestorm
Tim Engelhardt — Momentary
Tom Evans & Jimmy Golding — Very Different (Gorge Extended Remix)
Tommy Loude — Hope ((Illumia Extended Remix)
Tomy Wahl — Chord & Glitch
Tomy Wahl — Chord & Glitch (Aaron Suiss, Peled Remix)
Tomy Wahl — Chord & Glitch (Dub Mix)
Tomy Wahl — Chord & Glitch (Ucha Remix)
Tony Quinn — Indecision (Extended Mix)
Ucros — Camz (Original Mix)
Umid — Hometown (Original Mix)
VLTRA (IT) — Bananza (Belly Dancer)
Weekend Heroes — Dragonfly (Extended Mix)
Weekend Heroes — Elevate (Extended Mix)
WhoMadeWho & Rampa — UUUU
Whoriskey — Fire in Me (Extended Mix)
Yoni Yarchi, Krissky & Assaf Gad — A Better Place In Heaven (Alex O’Rion Remix)
Yoni Yarchi, Krissky & Assaf Gad — A Better Place In Heaven (Extended Mix)
Yoni Yarchi, Krissky & Assaf Gad — A Better Place In Heaven (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix)


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