New Exclusive Music – 295 Tracks Сollection June 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 295 Tracks Сollection June 2023


Acidbro — Come You
Adara, Sam Allan — Afraid of Heaven (Extended Mix)
Aeromatik & Calum — Counter Balance
Aeromatik, Slumjuice & Calum — Capture & Seize
AFFKT — Gaman (Original Mix)
Aglaia Rave — Freigeist
Alain Fanegas — Ghotam
Alex M.O.R.P.H. — Paradise (Extended)
Ali Farahani, BuVu — Seville feat. Manuel Pajares
ALLFIVE — Part of Me (Extended Mix)
ALLFIVE — Tell Me (Extended Mix)
Amana — Whoosh Moosh (Original Mix)
André Pillar — Kombat
André Pillar — Moving On
André Pillar — Starlight
Andrey Exx, TuraniQa, Cole Ley — Show Me Love
Arkady Antsyrev — My Helper (Original Mix)
Arkady Antsyrev — Never (Original Mix)
Arkady Antsyrev — Spin (Original Mix)
Arkady Antsyrev — Traps (Original Mix)
Wurtz & Iberian Muse — Armageddon (Original Mix)
Artche — Bleed (Extended Mix)
Ashibah — Give It Up (REMETI Extended Remix)
Atman (US) — Namekia
Aves Volare & FRANZ kktd — Resilience
Ax87 — Machines (Original Mix)
Clemente — B.Y.E (JAMIIE Remix)
Baboolian — Don’t Slink, Strut
Baboolian — In the Reflective Surface
Baboolian — Round the Dub Tree
Bargen — Don’t Sell (Original Mix)
Basement Scene — The Void (Club Mix)
Basil O’Glue — Social Realism
Beatpunx — Stream On
Ben Muetsch — All The Things (Original Mix)
Ben Muetsch — Blue Skies (Original Mix)
Ben Muetsch & Neal Porter — Bola (Original Mix)
Bendtsen — Echoes (Original Mix)
Bodhi Adityo — Into the Desert
Brian Cid — Cachimbo (Original Mix)
Brian Cid — El Velorio Del Ego (Original Mix)
Brian Cid — Follow Who (Original Mix)
Brian Cid — The Floor Is Lava (Original Mix)
Burcak — No Rush
Burcak — Worlds Apart
Carles — Pandora (Extended)
Carlos Pires — 2000 WT168 (Original Mix)
Carlos Pires — Spacewatch (Original Mix)
Cary Crank — Revolution (Andrewboy Remix)
Cary Crank — Revolution (Extended Mix)
Cary Crank — Revolution (Pablo Goyesi Remix)
Cereus — Chandra (Alex Doering Remix)
Cereus — Chandra (Original Mix)
Cereus & Revibe — Kula (Original Mix)
Cereus & Revibe — Kula (Timboletti Remix)
Cereus & Revibe — Kula (Veytik Remix)
Cereus — Chandra (Alex Doering Remix)
Che Jose, Ross McGuire — Lost in Time (feat. Ross McGuire) (Original Mix)
Chris Luno & Exit Coda — Those Days (Extended Mix)
CJ Art — Echoing Planetary Motion
Clemente — B.Y.E (JAMIIE Remix)
Coff — Beyond the Mist
Coff — Foghorn
Corren Cavini — Melancholy Party (Extended Mix)
Corren Cavini, Thysma — Frostbite (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Boys — Toi (Original Mix)
Coss — Akor
Coss — Akor (Zettka Remix)
D-Formation, GRAZZE, Davide Famularo — The Sun & the Sky feat. Davide Famularo
Da Capo, Kayrendasoul — Gemini’s (Extended Mix)
Dan Lir, Meital O Faran — Nothing feat. Meital O Faran (Extended Mix)
Daniel Rateuke — Bumcha (Original Mix)
Daniel Rateuke — Maroona (Original Mix)
Daniel Rateuke — Sinayu (Original Mix)
Daniele Di Martino — Memories
Daniele Di Martino — Remember Me
Dark HunterZ — Saber Athena (Original Mix)
Dave Neven, Ocata, Little Warrior — The One Inside (Extended Mix)
DEADLINE & Innerdose — Shelter
Deep Motion — Beyond The Sound (Original Mix)
DEFLEE, Dub Pepper — Oh! My Way (Original Mix)
DEFLEE, Dub Pepper — Old School (Original Mix)
Depaart — And You (Original Mix)
Depaart — Buzzline (Original Mix)
Depaart — Ufo Trip (Original Mix)
Dino Lenny — E’ Impossibile (Original Mix)
Dino Lenny — Keep On Grooving (Original Mix)
DJ Nejtrino, ANZA (RU) — Thunder In My Heart
DJ Nejtrino, ANZA (RU) — Thunder In My Heart (RoelBeat Remix)
DJ San — Wandering Nights (Extended Mix)
Dom Dolla — Eat Your Man (with Nelly Furtado) [Extended Mix]
Dominant Space & Jennifer Sumire — Spread Your Wings (Sam Laxton Extended Remix)
Dominant Space & Jennifer Sumire — Spread Your Wings (Yuji Ono & Masaya Extended Remix)
Doompers — Opposite Voices
Edd — MLA (Extended)
EDX x Frey — The Rhythm Of The Night (Dub Mix)
EDX x Frey — The Rhythm Of The Night (Extended Mix)
Eleonora, Morttagua, Ubbah — Blue Enigma
Eleonora, Roumex — Void (Extended Mix)
GarryG — Elizabeth (Extended Mix)
Elle Jae — Afterglow (Extended Mix)
Emiliano Ferrareso — Landing On Dreams (Extended Mix)
False Intentions — Good Liar (Extended Mix)
Flaist — Raccoon (Original Mix)
Flaist — Vision (Original Mix)
FRANZ kktd — A L M
FRANZ kktd — Follow the Path
Gaba Kamer — Held Me (Original Mix)
GarryG — Elizabeth (Extended Mix)
Garsi — Ashram
Garsi — Shantaram
GEMINIS — Open Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Giorgia Angiuli — Pray (Original Mix)
Gleb Bykox — Portal Runner (Original Mix)
Gleb Bykox — Robotic Voice (Original Mix)
Godinbols — Nereida
Godinbols — Persephone
Godinbols — Prometheus
Gorje Hewek, Kane — Life It Is (Revision)
Greenjack — Mission: Control (Original Mix)
Greenwolve, Unknown Concept — Purge
Greg Downey — Zenith (Extended Mix)
Gui Boratto — Drink In Paris (feat. Lhana Marlet) (Dubfire Remix)
Guss V, Gabriel Abrantes — Dark Sun (Extended Mix)
Hard Dive — Crossdimensional
Hard Dive — The Arc
HP Vince — A Man (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
iCoen — Above Sex
iCoen — Wasabi
Ides of March — Analog Frequencies
Ides of March — Reticent
Ides of March — Reticent (Toxism Remix)
Ides of March — Spotless Soul
Ides of March — Spotless Soul (Doguez Remix)
Innerdose, DEADLINE (BR) — Shelter
IPeiqi — Redemption (Extended Mix)
ISMAIL.M — Yajna
James iD — Need You (Extended Mix)
Jats (ofc) & Kaive — Hypnotize (Extended Mix)
JES — Love My Way (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
JODA feat. Robyn Sherwell — Closer (Simon Doty Extended Mix)
Joe Goddard, Fiorious — Loverboy (Original Mix)
Jon.K — Connected
Joseph Vega — Twin Souls (Extended Mix)
Josh Samuel — DYWD (Original Mix)
Josh Samuel — Jersey Street (Original Mix)
Josiah1 — Gateway
Just Emma & KYONGPAUL feat. Matuli — Ala K’in ()
Just Emma & KYONGPAUL feat. Matuli — In Lak’ech ()
Kaive, Jats (ofc) — Hypnotize (Extended Mix)
KAMADEV — Asesu (Original Mix)
KAMADEV — Moment (Original Mix)
Kamran Garalov — Enchanted Tomorrow
Karsten Sollors — Breakthrough (Original Mix)
KASIA (ofc) — Universal Nation (Sezer Uysal Extended Remix)
Kayrendasoul & Da Capo — Gemini’s (Extended Mix)
Kinky Sound — Gucci (Original Mix)
kolmakov — Nebula (Maksim Dark Remix)
Kreisler — I’m Falling (Analog Context Remix)
Kuman (RU) — Sakkara
LARSa — (There Are Too Many) Genres (Original Mix)
LARSa — Structures (Original Mix)
Lexx (BE) — Interstate
Lexx (BE) — Vallensis
LORENZO TURCO — Another F**king Synth
Loveclub, Domingo + — Far Chime
Loveclub, Domingo + — So High
Lueking, Vincent Marlice — Eden Obscura
Marasi — Una Canción
Marc DePulse, Rafael Cerato, Hadar — Make a Show feat. Hadar (Dor Danino Remix)
Marc Molina — Blues (Original Mix)
Mark Wild, Eldream, WhiteLight — Humans Are Programmed Inside (Extended Mix)
Martinec — Light Dancer
Martinec — Light Dancer (Sundrej Zohar Remix)
Matt Oliver — Pugna
Matt Oliver — Spes
MATTOID, Andie Moon — Love Will Never Die (John Grand Extended Remix)
Max von Sternberg — 5am
Max von Sternberg — Danger
Maze 28, R10(Al) — Mentality
Me & My Toothbrush — Don’t You Want Me (Extended Mix)
MIAMAR — Ace (Extended Mix)
Milkwish — African Rose (Extended Mix)
Mirymood — Nebula Mirage (Extended Mix)
MND CTRL — Paranoid (Original Mix)
Morttagua — Androids
Morttagua, Tyng — Ouroboros
Nazmi Velet — Dark Ways (Original Mix)
James iD — Need You (Extended Mix)
Neuralis — November (Extended Mix)
Nicko — Nebula (Original Mix)
Nicko — Radiance (Original Mix)
Nu Sunrise — Quartz
Occult Frequencies — Abyss (Extended)
Pavel Petrov, Rafael Cerato — Reflections (Original mix)
Perpetual Universe — Identify (Original Mix)
Phonique, Helen&Boys — Taste Of You
Phonique, Helen&Boys — Taste Of You (NILU (DK) Remix)
Phonique, Helen&Boys — Taste Of You (Phonique’s Touch Of 242 Mix)
Portobello — Echos (Extended Mix)
Proteus — Deeper Trance
Push — Madness In The Clouds (Extended Mix)
R O N A — Lost in Space (Club Mix)
Recham, douae El Rhiouane — Yasameen
IPeiqi — Redemption (Extended Mix)
Redspace — Theory of Relativity
RezQ Sound — I Don’t Know
Robin M — Ayee (Extended)
Robin M — Sirocco (Extended)
Ron Flatter — Cara Loco
Ron Flatter — Gimaba
Ronski Speed, Sygma — AZURE (Francesca Fagiani Extended Remix)
Sam T Harper — Chasing Stars (Original Mix)
Sam T Harper — Lost In Time (Original Mix)
Sander Ferrar — Outer Space (Extended Mix)
Sander Ferrar — Vormir (Extended Mix)
Sasha 4Time — More to Know
Scooter x Giuseppe Ottaviani — Hyper Hyper (Extended Mix)
Sebastian Haas, Nicolas Leonelli — False Realities (Original Mix)
Sebastian Haas, Nicolas Leonelli — Won Me Over (Original Mix)
sEEn Vybe — Feelings (Original Mix)
sEEn Vybe — Melodic (Original Mix)
Sharam Jey & AMFM (MX) — Vocoder Love (Original Mix)
Siva Prayojan — Pursuit (Dub Mix)
Siva Prayojan — Pursuit (Original mix)
Siva Prayojan — Raining June (Original mix)
Siva Prayojan — Sunrise At Arambol (Original mix)
Skahigan — In The Dark
Skahigan — We Fall
Solzi — City of Angels (Original Mix)
Spalamp — I Can Feel
Stan Kolev — Internal
Stan Kolev, Morttagua — Ainanna
Stazam — Walk with your brother for a mile
Stephan Zovsky — Phynk (Dub Mix)
Stephan Zovsky — Phynk (Original Mix)
Steven McCreery — Interference (Ewan Rill Remix)
Steven McCreery — Interference (Eze Ramirez Remix)
Steven McCreery — Interference (Original Mix)
Super Flu — Udi
Takumi Miyake — Dark City
Tal Fussman — A Subtle Change
Tal Fussman — Funktown
Tal Fussman — Move Your Hips
Tal Fussman — Talk to Me
Tamer Fouda — Euthanasia (Original Mix)
Tamer Fouda — R.E.A.C.T (Original Mix)
TAU (UA) — Itaka
TAU (UA) — Odyssey
Tayllor — Cocu (Original Mix)
Teri Berka — Against the Stream
Teri Berka — Colibries
the real Unknown — Thanatos
Tim Liu — Elf
TOBAK — Bloom (Original Mix)
Tolga Uzulmez — Valhalla (Extended Mix)
Tomy Wahl — Connected (Original Mix)
Tomy Wahl — Future (Original Mix)
Trance Wax — Adeya (Extended Mix)
Unitech — Conversation with the soul (Original Mix)
Valdovinos — An Army Of Dreamers (Original Mix)
Valdovinos — Sunday Sun In My Window (Original Mix)
Valdovinos — The Bird (Original Mix)
Valdovinos — Your Way (Original Mix)
Valu Rios — Groove Gradient
Valu Rios — Luminescent Shadows
VegaZ SL, Ishan (SL) — Malfunction (Extended Mix)
Veljko Jovic — Illusions (Original Mix)
Verche — Riptide (Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone Remix)
Vladislav Maximov — Heartbeat
Wasabi — Morocco
Wasabi — Morocco (St.Ego Rmx)
Weekend Heroes — Sub Zero
Wurtz & Iberian Muse — Armageddon (Bøgen Remix)
Wurtz & Iberian Muse — Armageddon (Original Mix)
Yordee — About You (Original Mix)
Yordee — Meditation Is A State Of Mind (Original Mix)
Yordee — New Era (Original Mix)
Yordee — Whispers (Original Mix)
YOU ME — Calling Summer (Terrace Mix)
YU-1 — Fiction (Extended Mix)
Yuriy From Russia, Fleriin — Avalokite (Waxman Remix)
Zaleski — Black Mambo
Zaleski — Under Wave
Zara Taylor, Taglo — Impatient (LTN presents Ghostbeat Extended Remix)
Zeus — Alpha & Omega (Extended Mix)
Zuccasam — Beach Break (Original Mix)
Zuccasam — LA Going (Original Mix)
Zuccasam — No Secrets (Original Mix)


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