New Exclusive Music – 98 Tracks Сollection January 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 98 Tracks Сollection January 2022


Agustin Pietrocola — Sensations (Bootes Gray Remix)
Andrea Oliva — Out and About
Anti Soshal — Layers (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
Beatamines — Prophet (Original Mix)
Bob the Groove — The Long Hike Above the Clouds
Bob the Groove — Together We Stand (feat. Jeanne)
Collide The Sky — Hidden Agenda (Extended Mix)
Collide The Sky — Holocene (Extended Mix)
Deepness, Ignacio Berardi — Rise feat. Jessica Zese (Chaum Remix)
Depeche Mode — I Feel Loved (AMAD Remix)
Eli Brown — Addicted
Eli Brown — Avenger
Elisa Amaral, Vallent & Anna De Ferran — Dreams
Estiva — Alone (Extended Mix)
Faithless — We Come (Micro DJ Sound System Remix)
Feri, Atakan Girisgen — Depth of Silence (Original Mix)
FiveP — Ancient Expedition
FiveP — Obsolete
Frankey & Sandrino — Optical
Frankie Vertigo & Kanas — Celestia
Gabriel Di Pasqua — Music ON (Original Mix)
GAM3 & Ras Algethi — Someday
GAM3 & Ras Algethi — Someday (Dario Dea Remix)
GAM3 & Ras Algethi — Someday (Eynka Remix)
Greg Ochman — Secrets Of Amber
Haffenfold — Dunes Of Milia (Original Mix)
Haffenfold — The Vestige (Original Mix)
Heard Right & Jope — Runner (Extended Mix)
Collide The Sky — Hidden Agenda (Extended Mix)
Hiss Band feat. Faezeh Zare Rafi — Khiyal (Patrick Podage Remix)
Collide The Sky — Holocene (Extended Mix)
Home Shell — Electron
Home Shell — Gravity
Huminal — Hold My Hand (Original Mix)
Huminal — Midnight Rally (Original Mix)
Ijan Zagorsky — In the Shadow
Imar — Tiger Explosion
Jabzz Dimitri & Leo Guardo Feat. Priscill — Broken Melodies (Extended Mix)
Jano Gil — Beyond The Earthly (Original Mix)
Jess Bays — Cold Love (feat. Jack Hawitt) [Artche Remix]
Jess Bays Ft. Jack Hawitt — Cold Love (Artche Extended Remix)
JfAlexsander — Photo
JfAlexsander — Stream
Kanas — Voyager (Extended Mix)
Kasablanca — The Hills (Josh McKenzie Extended Remix)
Kölsch, Dubfire — Ulm (Original Mix)
Kör — Borderline
Kör — Misty Mountains
Kör — Voices From My Soul
Le Pard, Jere Doyen — IN DA HOUSE (Original Mix)
LIHØ — Atom (Original Mix)
Magupi, Pedro Saraiva — Bending (Zen Baboon Remix)
Michael A — Fill The Void (Redspace & Robby Castellano Remix)
Mick Whitehouse — Dormant (Original Mix)
Mimram, DJ AroZe — Aquatic
Mimram, DJ AroZe — Liberator
NAASA — Charisma (Original Mix)
NAASA — Empty Heart (Original Mix)
ONEN — El Toro (Extended Mix)
Pablo Goyesi — Animalia
Pablo Goyesi — Etna
Paige & Nihil Young Ft. Darla Jade — Poison (Extended Mix)
Panic Chase — Queen (Original Mix)
Perpetual Universe — No Future (Extended Mix)
Perpetual Universe — Unreal Thoughts (Extended Mix)
Placebo eFx, FC Sweat — Reflected (Extended Mix)
Revoltron — Dark Reverb (Original Mix)
Rick Pier O’Neil — Ancient
Rick Pier O’Neil — Ancient (Rpo Part 2)
Samugo — Astral (Bruno Andrada Remix)
Sergio Avila — Noize Lullaby (Original Mix)
Sergio Avila — Osiris Rex (Original Mix)
Shimza, Kieran Fowkes — Howling Moon (Shimza’s AfroTech Remix)
Sian, Sacha Robotti & Third Culture — In The Dark
Siva Prayojan — Save the Future
Siva Prayojan — The Calling
Squire, Dinky — Falling From The Window (Original Mix)
Stefre Roland & Alex van Sanders — Techno Reality (Original Mix)
Steve Cole & Ronald Christoph — Scout
Teho & Ceas — Ideal
Teho & Ceas — Stern
Tube & Berger, Chris Luno — Daily Twist (Extended Mix)
Vassca — Apollyon (Extended Mix)
Vassca — Love Me Now (Extended Mix)
Vassca — Taste On My Lips (Extended Mix)
Voices of valley, Remains of Silence — Grow (Original Mix)
Voices of valley, Remains of Silence — Grow (Thodoris Triantafillou In The Club Percussion Mix)


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