New Exclusive Music – 99 Tracks Сollection September 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 99 Tracks Сollection September 2022


Ale F & Kari Bazzo — Aftertime Original Mix
Ale F & Kari Bazzo — Watercolor (Original Mix)
Alfred Heinrichs — Close To Me feat. Lukas Potempa (Original Mix)
Allies for Everyone & Rafael Cerato — Hunger (Browncoat Remix)
Allies for Everyone & Rafael Cerato — Hunger (Th3 Oth3r Remix)
Alternated Substance — Wunderbar (Original Mix)
Andruss — Driving to Oblivion (Original Mix)
Annett Gapstream — Desiderate (Original Mix)
Ant+Shift & Kasha — High Water
Aries (UA) — Asterism
Bigëo — Made in 1972 (Fotis Konfusion Remix)
Bigëo — Made in 1972 (Matías Delóngaro Remix)
Bigëo — Made in 1972 (Pa Che Remix)
Bob Zopp — Augustine
Braynod & Tekzee — Existence (Original Mix)
Braynod & Tekzee — Unreality (Original Mix)
Carsten Halm — Dark Light
Carsten Halm — Dark Light (Analog Jungs Remix)
Carsten Halm — Dark Light (Not Demure Remix)
Carsten Halm — Dark Light (ReCorpo Remix)
Cloudcage — Dawn (Extended Mix)
Cloudcage — I’ll Be Okay (Extended Mix)
Coli — Kailäsanätha (Original Mix)
Darkleads — The Edge Original Mix)
Darknezz — Dark & Light (Original Mix)
Darknezz — Pulse (Original Mix)
Darknezz — Return To Space (Original Mix)
Deepness, Airbas — Movin On (Extended Vocal Mix)
Deepness, Airbas — Movin On (Instrumental Mix)
Deepness, Airbas — Over the Hills
Di Rugerio — Sikelia
Di Rugerio — Sikelia (Dizharmonia Remix)
Di Rugerio — Vita Nova
Di Rugerio — Vita Nova (Voices Of Valley Remix)
Elle Jae — Control (Original Mix)
Elle Jae — Illuminate (Original Mix)
Elle Jae — Shine (Original Mix)
Elle Jae — Solace (Original Mix)
Empire of the Sun — We Are The People (Timeproof Remix)
Es:C — Find Yourself
Es:C — The World Is
ES:C — Find Yourself
ES:C — The World Is
Fernandez x SIlvera — Following Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Fernandez x SIlvera — Path of No Return (Extended Mix)
Findike — Black Meteor
Findike — Desert Valley
Findike — Paranoia
Findike — Take It Down
Findike — Tribalizm Function
Findike — Unnecessary Adventure
Findike — Yellow Canaries
Forma — In Control (Extended Mix)
Forma — In Control (Innellea Remix)
Forma — In Control (Live)
Franco Armellini & Ignacio Berardi — Night Tales (Original Mix)
Gianluca Calabrese — Give To Me (Original Mix)
HS-3 — Distant (Original Mix)
INNERPHONIC — Galactic Trip (Gru V Remix)
INNERPHONIC — Galactic Trip (K Loveski Remix)
Ivan Herrezuelo — I V
James Hurr, Smokin Jo & Stealth — Beggin’ For Change (Extended Mix)
Janika Tenn — Kentia (Extended Mix)
Janika Tenn — Kentia (Venky Extended Remix)
Jukka — Eva
Jukka — Hope
Julian Montenegro — Horus
Julian Montenegro — Hybrid
Julian Montenegro — Pacific Time
Jungle Be — Move It (Original Mix)
Kasper Bjørke, Langstrakt & Davide Rossi — Miocene (feat. Sofie Birch)
Les hommes verticaux, Daniele Soriani — Pink Places (Daniele Soriani Organic Mix)
Les hommes verticaux, Gianrico Leoni — Fearless (Gianrico Leoni Mix)
Les hommes verticaux, Gianrico Leoni — Heartless (Gianrico Leoni Vision Mix)
Lisa Desormeaux & Chels & Rich — Heart Is On Fire
Lorenzo De Blanck — Hey Baby (Original Mix)
Malian — Koko
Margaryan, Shan Tazh — Tart (Original Mix)
Margaryan, Shan Tazh — Tasty (Original Mix)
Margaryan, Shan Tazh — Uno (Original Mix)
Max von Sternberg — Time and Space (Original Mix)
Mikey & The Wolf — Redux (Original Mix)
Monarke & Soul Button — Dusk (Original Mix)
MPathy & Haffenfold — Erlin (Original Mix)
Murat Uncuoglu — Spin (Original Mix)
Nambeh — All We Have Left (Original Mix)
Oliver Schories & Fredrik Ferrier — Heaven (Simon Doty Extended Remix)
Phaéthon — Dragon (Original Mix)
Phaéthon — Yin Yang (Original Mix)
Rene Deepreen — Happier feat. Lukas Potempa (Original Mix)
Retna — Ghenna (Extended Mix)
Retna — The Crown (Extended Mix)
Swedish House Mafia — Underneath It All (Retrika & Alex Mueller Extended)
Tenvin — Fades (Original Mix)
The Boy from the Future — Lights Off (Horizons Darker Rework)
The Khitrov, Alex Wave (RU) — Waste of Space
Unterberg & Sisko. — Under My Thick Skin (Extended Mix)
Ursarix — Don’t Look Behind You (Original Mix)
Zstimer — Synctonia


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