Releases zippyshare DOWNLOAD 07.12.2022

New Releases 07.12.2022

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 31

Andres Shockwave — I Want Your Love [ALM003].zip
Antonio Gil — Whispers Sound [MAY065].zip
BE.LOW — Feeling Reverse [WHW244].zip
BNinjas — The Sound The Record [CTT093].zip
Brenda M, Felipe Alemais — Jam Slang [UCB008].zip
Charlie Banks — Down South EP [OUTRIGHT006].zip
Darrell Privett — That Thing [STASHDC049].zip
Davide Difonzo — Bongo EP [SR149].zip
Dilan Demon — Haraka [TK85M014].zip
Dionigi — Bizarre [QND337].zip
Funk Cartel, Alk Torres — Paradise Island EP [MAI025].zip
GreenThump — Let Thing EP [BVM040].zip
Groove N Hat — Glamorous [KLX340].zip
idtfkngno — Jack [C444].zip
Jack Realist — Kanit EP [OHN026].zip
Jose Jimenez — What’s Good EP [NSD040].zip
Luigi Rossi — Orcs & Stuff EP [ROOM022].zip
Mene, Dmitri Saidi, ACA (YU) — Go Now [ENR013].zip
Muratt, Lichenologist — Saturday With The Boyz [SMNI135].zip
Nahste Oner — Le Jam [ROCKBCE60].zip
Nico Rothmann — Pad Job [OSR100].zip
Nicolas Gudino — Odyssey E.P [SMRK90]
Omar Svenson, Jaime Soeiro — Real Feel [TEC183].zip
Reno Allen — Let The Music [VR010].zip
Reza Golroo, PEGAH — The Dawn Is Coming [DROP051].zip
Rinia Rinia, Advek — You Are Mine [TNQ66].zip
Rod B., Rodrigo Vieira — Bola de Fogo [PA056].zip
Ryan Truman — Come Here [SUB117].zip
Santi Chedex — Pushing Souls EP [DMR331].zip
Sohz — Rock It [SM077].zip
VA — Remixes Iv [PL0435].zip


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Top Tracks 07.12.2022

Top Tracks 07.12.2022


Hot 25 Tracks

Amvy, Amagy — Emra (Original Mix).mp3

AN21 & Maunt — No Tomorrow (Extended Mix).mp3

Bhaskar & rrotik — Coming Down (Extended Mix).mp3

Bondi, Save The Kid — Crystallized.mp3

Cedric Gervais x Joel Corry — Molly (Extended Mix).mp3

ChangedFaces — Ayla (Extended Mix).mp3

Citadelle — Narrative (Extended Mix).mp3

David Novacek Feat. Celeda — The Underground (Extended Mix).mp3

Dub Pepper, Vetadisco — UnderDog (Original Mix).mp3

Duran Duran — GIVE IT ALL UP (feat. Tove Lo) (Pete Tong and John Monkman Remix).mp3

Frank Garcia — Ponte Hype (Original Mix).mp3

Gaidukova — Influence Of Drugs (Original Mix).mp3

GarryG — Circumstances (Original Mix).mp3

Gordo — Taraka (Tiësto Extended Mix).mp3

Hopper, Carlos Pires — Breakless (Original Mix).mp3

KMRN — Where Did You Go (Original Mix).mp3

Milos Pesovic — Pull Up (Original Mix).mp3

New Sign up


Rami, Rioss (Col) — Sahara (Original Mix).mp3

Robilardo — Arcade Jungle (Extended Mix).mp3

Sergey Nomad — Bonfire (Original Mix).mp3

Space Food — Never Linger (Original Mix).mp3

T- Bor — Get Down (Original Mix).mp3

Teleport-X & Jero Nougues — Nightmare (Savrun Brothers Remix).mp3

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Hot Dj Charts – Picks 124 (82 Tracks) []

Hot Dj Charts – Picks 124 (82 Tracks)


Alex Grafton, Katrina Lil, Alexey Slim — Alaris (Original Mix)
AN21 & Maunt — No Tomorrow (Extended Mix)
Bhaskar & rrotik — Coming Down (Extended Mix)
Blass (ITA) — F_ck You (Original Mix)
Bolier — Never Wanna Let Go (Extended Mix)
Boris Brejcha — Captain Nemo (Original Mix)
Boss Axis — Another Ride
Cedric Gervais x Joel Corry — Molly (Extended Mix)
ChangedFaces — Ayla (Extended Mix)
Citadelle — Narrative (Extended Mix)
Civil Servant — Machines Are Coming (Extended Mix)
Crazibiza — Soul Cool (Old School Mix)
David Novacek Feat. Celeda — — The Underground (Extended Mix)
DEFLEE — Pimp (Original Mix)
DJ Falaska — Ragnarok (Original Mix)
Dub Pepper, Vetadisco — UnderDog (Original Mix)
Felix Raphael; Clara — Wolkenblau (Extended Mix)
Ferreck Dawn & Giant Feat. Daijah — Free Candy (Extended Mix)
Fletcher Kerr & KEFFI — Olhar (Extended Mix)
Frank Garcia — Ponte Hype (Original Mix)
Funkin Matt — Higher (Extended Mix)
Gaidukova — Influence Of Drugs (Original Mix)
Galexis — Magnitude (Clap Codex Remix)
GarryG — Circumstances (Original Mix)
Gordo — Taraka (Tiesto Extended Mix)
Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz — New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended)
Guy Didden, Mats Westbroek — Dusk (Grigoré Remix)
Hopper, Carlos Pires — Breakless (Original Mix)
ISMAIL.M, Redspace — Brand (Original Mix)
Jay Robinson feat. Liinks — In The End (Extended Mix)
Joaco Salerno — Cosmos (Original Mix)
Kamil Van Derson — Space Invasion (Original Mix)
Kamilo Sanclemente — The Last Mermaid
KMRN — Where Did You Go (Original Mix)
Lane 8 feat. Solomon Grey — Automatic (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
LITCHI — Galaxy feat. Burnheart
ManyFew, PBH & Jack — Up To No Good (Extended Mix)
Mattei & Omich — Stand Up (1997 Mix)
MEDUZA & James Carter, Elley Duhé & FAST BOY — Bad Memories (David Guetta Remix)
Mennie — As One (Original Mix)
Michael Gray — In My World feat. Brutha Basil feat. Tatiana Owens (Extended Mix)
Milos Pesovic — Pull Up (Original Mix)
Mladen Tomic — Traces Of Delay (Original Mix)
Oleg Espo, Audiomonk — No More (Original Mix)
Oleg Espo, Blac J — Keri (Original Mix)
Pale Blue — Dive (Fort Romeaus Tranceadelic Mix)
Past Deep — To Ponder & Wander (Original Mix)
Rami, Rioss (Col) — Sahara (Original Mix)
Robilardo — Arcade Jungle (Extended Mix)
Sergey Nomad — Bonfire (Original Mix)
Seven Lions & GG Magree — Miss You (Seven Lions, Gem & Tauri Remix)
Syke ‘N’ Sugarstarr — Ticket 2 Ride (CASSIMM Remix)
T- Bor — Get Down (Original Mix)
Teleport-X & Jero Nougues — Nightmare (Savrun Brothers Remix)
Third Party — Midnight (Pete K Extended Remix)
Tiesto x Solardo Feat. Poppy Baskcomb — I Can’t Wait (Extended Mix)
TiM TASTE — Minima (Original Mix)
Vintage Culture — Fractions (Extended Mix)
WhoMadeWho — Never Alone (Patrice Baumel Remix)
Yves V, Bhaskar — Round My Head (Kohen & Liva Extended Remix)


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06.12.2022 – ALL 100 TRACKS



Andrea Bacchetti, Thomas Bresciani — Trompetas (Original Mix).mp3
Annabell Kowalski — Hey Boy Hey Girl (Extended).mp3
Benson — How I Like It (Extended Mix).mp3
Bernardo Campos — Samba Glacial (Extended Mix).mp3
BWK Project — Started (Original Mix).mp3
Cedric Gervais, Joel Corry — MOLLY (Extended Mix).mp3
Charlotte Van De Peer — You & I (Extended Mix).mp3
Chris Lorenzo, COBRAH — Mami (Original Mix).mp3
Chris Lorenzo, COBRAH — Mami (SOSA Extended Remix).mp3
Cliques — Hold On (Extended Mix).mp3
Cloverdale, BABA NO BABY — Up All Night (Extended Mix).mp3
Crime Zcene — Corrupt (Extended Mix).mp3
Deepend, Simon Ward — Feel It In My Bones (Original Mix).mp3
DJ Siar, BCMP — Problems (Club Mix).mp3
Donny Brook — Universe (Original Mix).mp3
Dutta, Sleazy F Baby — Notorious VIP (Original Mix).mp3
Ed Solo — Devotion (Original Mix).mp3
Ekonovah — Anything (Original Mix).mp3
Elipsa — Addicted (Original Mix).mp3
Elipsa — Dangerous (Original Mix).mp3
Elipsa — Survival (Original Mix).mp3
Elipsa — Want (Original Mix).mp3
Elipsa, Tali — Divine (Original Mix).mp3
Exult — Arbiter (Original Mix).mp3
Exult — Cryogen (Original Mix).mp3
Exult, SMP, Sydney — Dream Walking (Original Mix).mp3
Exult, Spratto — Abstraction (Original Mix).mp3
Finiq — Nothing To Lose (Extended Mix).mp3
Gary Caos — Cocaine (Original Mix).mp3
HAVOQ, Danel, Oskr — Slow Down (Extended Mix).mp3
if found — feel someth!ng (Original Mix).mp3
if found, Luma — twenty five (Original Mix).mp3
if found, Nøll, damnboy! — die 4 u (Original Mix).mp3
James Poole — Make The Dream Work (Original Mix).mp3
James Poole — Ruff Love (Original Mix).mp3
James Poole — Too Cool To Dance (Original Mix).mp3
Jengi — Bel Mercy (Extended Mix).mp3
Jodie (UK) — My Own House (Extended Mix).mp3
Joe Vanditti, Mene — Antava (Original Mix).mp3
Josa — Percussive (Extended Mix).mp3
Justin Prime, Renato S, Drek’s, Heleen — City Of Starlight (Azael Extended Remix).mp3
Justin Prime, Renato S, Drek’s, Heleen — City Of Starlight (EMKR Extended Remix).mp3
Justin Prime, Renato S, Drek’s, Heleen — City Of Starlight (Extended Mix).mp3
K Motionz, Emily Makis — Only You (Original Mix).mp3
Koven — Lions (VIP).mp3
L3N — Hello (Club Mix).mp3
Le Youth — Chills (Extended Mix).mp3
Le Youth — Cycles (Original Mix).mp3
Luxo — Make You Freak (Extended Mix).mp3
MAA — Thousand Years (Extended Mix).mp3
Maduk — Still In Love (S.P.Y Remix).mp3
Mahmut Orhan, Drumstone — Allies (Original Mix).mp3
Marauda — THE RECKONING (Original Mix).mp3
Mark Knight, Lukas Setto — Get With You Tonight (Extended Mix).mp3
Mark Knight, Lukas Setto — Get With You Tonight (Jay Vegas Extended Disco Dub).mp3
Mark Knight, Lukas Setto — Get With You Tonight (Mark Knight Extended Dub).mp3
Mark Knight, Lukas Setto — Get With You Tonight (Melle Brown Remix).mp3
Mark Knight, Lukas Setto — Get With You Tonight (Sgt Slick Extended Discotizer Mix).mp3
Markhese — Too Late (Extended Mix).mp3
Marshall Jefferson, Joe Killington — Go Down (Extended Mix).mp3
Martin Badder, Knytro — Free Yourself (Original Mix).mp3
Martina Budde, Riccardo Fiori — Clap Your Hands (Extended Mix).mp3
Mersiv, Kyral x Banko — Juggernaut (Original Mix).mp3
Michael Mind, Michael Mind Project, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band — Blinded By The Light (Deeperlove Extended Remix).mp3
Modica, JDMAJ — Tribu (Extended Mix).mp3
Morgin Madison, Vania — All I Need (Extended Mix).mp3
Nausica — Rythmo Tropical (Original Mix).mp3
Pepe Le Punk — Fanfaron (Extended Mix).mp3
Primate — Formwave (Original Mix).mp3
Quartzone — Fly Me To The Moon (Original Mix).mp3
REVLIN — Blastoise (Extended Mix).mp3
Revlow — Falling For You (Extended Mix).mp3
Reza, Martin Wright — Feel It Moving Underground (Original Mix).mp3
Richard Vission, Brian Matrix — Baila (Original Mix).mp3
Sam Girling, William S — I’ll Never Let You Go (Extended Mix).mp3
Samuele Scelfo — Red Cliff (Original Mix).mp3
Samuele Scelfo, Deitz — Want You (Original Mix).mp3
Sinova — I Always Wish You Knew (Extended Mix).mp3
Sinova — No Love Lost (Extended Mix).mp3
skemaddox, On Deck — Ascension (Original Mix).mp3
SkiiTour — Double Double (Extended Mix).mp3
Snakehips, Bia, Lucky Daye — Solitude (Extended Mix).mp3
Sota, Sub Zero — Greasy (Original Mix).mp3
STAN BIZZY, Ellerton Rd, Spray Da Real — Snaps (Extended Mix).mp3
Statikvoid — 1953 (Original Mix).mp3
The Cube Guys — Calypso (Extended Mix).mp3
The Martinez Brothers, Tokischa — Kilo (Original Mix).mp3
Thom — Run It Up (Extended Mix).mp3
Tiesto, Solardo, Poppy Baskcomb — I Can’t Wait (Extended Mix).mp3
TREDECIM — In Your Eyes (Extended Mix).mp3
Tuff Culture — Flat B (Original Mix).mp3
Tuff Culture — Halcyon Days (Original Mix).mp3
Tuff Culture — Reaper (Original Mix).mp3
twoloud — What I Wanna Say (Extended Mix).mp3
Visages, Monty — Ace Of Spades (Original Mix).mp3
Voltage — Scorpion (Original Mix).mp3
Voltage, Chimpo, Salo — Reebok Classic (Original Mix).mp3
Younotus, Willy William, Malik Harris, Minelli — Enchanté (Max Lean & Lucas Butler Remix — Extended Version).mp3
Younotus, Willy William, Malik Harris, Minelli — Enchanté (Skytech Extended Remix — Extended Version).mp3
Zsak — Feel Better (Extended Mix).mp3



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