Releases New DOWNLOAD 21.04.2024

New Releases 21.04.2024

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 30

Alexander Koning, Ed Dejon — Reverse Osmosis Machine [Percep-tion].zip
aMo (um) — Space Ace [Fat Worm Records].zip
Armandd G — TOKA TOKA (Original Mix) [Sunset Gathering].zip
Brulefer (EC) — Adn EP [Dacusan].zip
ERROR 84 — I Can Feel the Fire [IAMT Red].zip
Fede del Bianco — Rebound EP [Nice Rhythms].zip
ISAA — Ponteme [Utopie Clt Records].zip
Ismaso — Whattss EP [Allives Music Records].zip
Jean Claude Ades, — Together [SCM].zip
Kole Audro, Indie Elephant, Monaloca, Zadiraka — Digger [Axiom Music].zip
LOUT — Jack [Monkey League].zip
Luca Beni — Fantasy Lover [Loving Tech].zip
Luigi D’Alterio, Brothers in Soul, Nestor Arriaga, Alvaro Ceballos — Innocent Music Deep Cuts, Vol. 5 [Innocent Music].zip
Marcel Dope — Party People [SK LAB].zip
Marcos Calegari — Inside You Ep [Snake Beat].zip
Masupilami — At Quay [Deck 1264 Records].zip
MoonDark — Don’t Stop [Baikonur Recordings].zip
Nicola d’Angella — Beyblade [Reissues].zip
Nicolo Simonelli — Keep It Real EP [Platform 7even].zip
Ogawa (US), Mickael Espinosa — Drama [Six Sound Records].zip
Overworked (US) — Such A Dream [Underdogs Records].zip
Paolo Martini — Electric Soul [Paul’s Boutique].zip
Poulsen, Oscar Poulsen — Dalle [12+1 London].zip
Rez Dorsia, Fred Lenix — Inside Out EP [Octopus Recordings].zip
Riko Forinson — Nel Ghetto [YOSHII Recordings].zip
Roland Clark, Reza, Uch — Here & Now [Stealth Records].zip
Sergio Saffe — Covane EP [Bamboleo].zip
shotgunwedding — Weed Was Cocaine [WyldCard].zip
The Glitz — Give It to Me [Glitz Audio].zip
Vinnie Ace — Fear EP [ZEHN Records].zip



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