Hot Dj Charts – Picks 67 (113 Tracks) []

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Hot Dj Charts – Picks 67 (113 Tracks)

Alberto Santana — Deep Breath (John Dare Remix)
Alexey Union — Yakamoz (Original Mix)
Analog Jungs, Oliver & Tom — Landscape (RIGOONI Remix)
Andre Rizo, Doctor Jack — Babaue (Stereosoulz Remix)
Andrey Keyton, Anton Malikov — Falling (Original Mix)
Andrey Keyton, Anton Malikov — You (Original Mix)
Antai Alter (UA) — 4 U (Original Mix)
Arude — Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Because of Art — Lost in the Sun feat. Ruth Royall
Beki M — I Need You (Original Mix)
Ben Walsh (UK), Tate Flowers — Give Me That Bass (Original Mix)
Ben Walsh (UK), Tate Flowers — Keep Your Head (Original Mix)
Benjamin Barth — Hope You Know (Extended Mix)
Bexxie — Nobody (Original Mix)
Billion Watchers — Growth and Dawn (Haievyk Remix)
blaktone — Allegory (Original Mix)
Bongani, Laura King — Alive (Original Mix)
Boris Brejcha — EXIT
Broker — Feather Serpent (Original Mix)
Cherry (UA) — Gorgona (Extended Mix)
Chesser, Mr. Oz — I Will Deliver (David Tort HoTL Extended Mix)
Colin Rouge, DJ Stretch — Fate (Extended Mix)
Croatia Squad — Keep It Rockin’ (Extended Mix)
Curtiba MUUS — Just Like That (Extended Mix)
Curtiba MUUS — Soul (Extended Mix)
D-Formation — Seleno (Original Mix)
Dario Gismondi — Kraken (Original Mix)
Dario Gismondi — Oblio (Original Mix)
Dario Gismondi — Shadow In The Dark (Original Mix)
Darkphobia — Wir Kommen Wieder (PROGroyal Remix)
Dezza, Lewyn — Won’t Let Go
Dropgun feat. Boba Sheshera — Stay (Extended Mix)
Drumstone — Phosphenes (Extended Mix)
Empire Of The Sun — We Are The People (Nick White Remix)
Ezek — Opposition (Original Mix)
Fantoo — Anxiety (Original Mix)
Floral — Need To Feel Loved (Space Food Edit)
Forty Cats — Ledokol (GMJ & Matter Remix)
her tree, Another Mind — Gloria feat. Her Tree (Original Mix)
Joshua Moreno — Gargoyle’s Prayer (Extended Mix)
Kryder & Natalie Shay — Rapture (Extended Mix)
Lessovsky — Mueve (Da Fresh Remix)
Lessovsky — Mueve (Original Mix)
Light Breath, Krias — Ghostbusters (Original Mix)
Luciano — Canción Mapuche Feat. Katy Prado (Original Mix)
Maceo Plex, Faithless — Insomnia 2021 (Epic Mix)
Masayno — One Side (Original Mix)
Matan Caspi, Roy Kubi — Jaruh (Tali Muss Remix)
Matan Caspi, Roy Kubi — Jaruh (Teklix Remix)
Matroda — High on You (Original Mix)
Micaele — Need No Stop (Original Mix)
Moonbootica — 77 Emo Drive (Original Mix)
Moonbootica — Bandersnatch (Original Mix)
Nelli — Do 4 u (Original Mix)
Nobe, DEFLEE — Kunbaya (Original Mix)
Nobe, DEFLEE — Kunbaya (Sonorous Mix)
Nobe. DEFLEE — — Palmira (Original Mix)
Pastiche, Pulse (UK) — Into The Void (Original Mix)
First, Kokiri, PEACE MAKER! — Isolation (Kokiri Remix)
Rafael Cerato, Aves Volare — Unaware feat. Aves Volare (Fur Coat & Julian Wassermann Remix)
Rafael Cerato, Aves Volare — Unaware feat. Aves Volare (Original Mix)
Renga Weh — Not Enough
Rodg — Gardens Of Devi (Extended Mix)
Sako Isoyan — Rechenka (Original Mix)
Sam Koxx, Rory Hope — Lose Your Touch (Extended Mix)
Sammy Porter — Better Now (VIP Mix Extended)
Sean Finn, Tony T, Taner Ozturk — Big in Japan (Laurent Simeca Remix)
SIDEPIECE — Together (Guz Extended Remix)
Stan Kolev & Juan Mejia — Heartbeat (Mass Digital Remix)
Stan Kolev, D-Nox — What If (Annihilating Mix)
Star.One — Won’t Hold Back (Guz Extended Mix)
The Ger-Man — Give It Up (Extended Mix)
Tom Junior — Music Takes Me (Original Mix)
Vakabular — First Time (Original Mix)
Vidojean x Oliver Loenn — Found You (Extended Mix)
Vlad Jet — Carnival (Marc DePulse Remix)
Vlad Jet — Carnival (Original Mix)
Volkoder — Yeah Yeah (Extended Mix)
Vush Giant — Nothing Left To Say (Extended Mix)
Waifs Strays Let the Music Take Control
Westend Kyle Walker — Vital (Extended Mix)


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