Releases zippyshare DOWNLOAD 04.08.2022

New Releases 04.08.2022

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 37

adn_an — Jarka [SRW018].zip
Altamirano — Vibrations [SM072].zip
Amarno — My Purpose [BPOS036].zip
Antss — Like This Groove [TFS010].zip
Black Circle — Double Dip [MHD182].zip
Cervera — Touch Me [LMC214].zip
Cool Kidz — Reflection EP [SEQ093].zip
Dee Montero, Loew — Solena _ Origins [REN22014DA].zip
Eelke Kleijn — Dark Horse [DLN050].zip
Elternhouse, Dissolut — Infected Body [TAB073].zip
Essential Lecs — 86th Spirit [GO007].zip
Ethan Marin — XXX Files [CL003].zip
Hassio (COL), Ozza — Rush [BVM032].zip
Ionee — ipari [NAH012].zip
Joan Garcia — Pure Energy [BSD058].zip
K3TA94 — Sideral [MAY051].zip
Last Vision, Alessandro Diruggiero — Boogie Boogie [SKL014].zip
Laydee V — Together Remixes [PL0413].zip
Marcos Silvestre — Tribute [COMIC062].zip
Mariche, INDIGOS (AR) — Transparency [FM141].zip
Mario Alban — Sweet Memory [PL0417].zip
markyno, Alessandro Angileri — Come On [CAT654643].zip
Matador — Eternity (feat. braev) [RUKUS031].zip
Max Murillo, Rankay — Candle Or A Fist [RA049].zip
Mikee (Athens) — No Way Out [4QM199].zip
NNicone, David Hasert, Diode Eins — Ah Oh Uh [RBR229].zip
Odille Lima, Lokomodo — Twi EP [SNR210].zip
Phill Prince — Slap TDR [TPO072].zip
Prada — Sin Un Sentido [GT020].zip
Ruso Eyh — Look At My Eyes [LAT62048].zip
SNYL, SLP — Ego Tripping [SYNCBT68].zip
Sunday Noise — You Play [DP0006].zip
Trance Boy — Scary Door EP [MSPLCD031].zip
VA — Cocoon Compilation T [CORLP051DIGITAL].zip
VA — ONE051 [ONE051].zip
VA — X2 [JUSTTHIS048].zip
Yubik — Human Aura [RDKN49].zip


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New Exclusive Music – 82 Tracks Сollection August 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 82 Tracks Сollection August 2022


Abuk — Badge (Original Mix)
Abuk — Badge (SKALA Remix)
Abuk — Electrical Displacement (Original Mix)
Abuk — Turn off the Lights (igor Bartyuk Remix)
Abuk — Turn off the Lights (Original Mix)
Adam Grace — Avon Lady (Original Mix)
Alberto Ruiz — Air Phaser
Aldwin Macapagal — 45 You Can (Original Mix)
Alex Cecil — Microdreaming
Alvaro Lopez & Mili Prezz — Madcar
Andy’s Echo — Another Lover (Extended Mix)
Ben Haydie — Bullets
Ben Haydie — Stains
Ben Haydie — Walls
Blacksheep — Darling (Club Mix)
Claude VonStroke — Moody Fuse
Damiano Von Erckert — 500 People, 500 Hearts, 1 Love
Daniel Avery — Your Future Looks Different In The Light
David Body — Salt Swing (Marching Machines Remix)
Denis Horvat — Monomono
Di Santo — Origenes (Original Mix)
Diego Miranda (CH) — Garden of Light
Diego Miranda (CH) — Inner Dancer
Dittë, Kikan, Nico Gonzalez — Vibe (Javier Torrealba Remix)
Elektrik Ryhno — Cadence (Original Mix)
FOVOS, Dissolut — Back Room (Extended Mix)
Funkerman Feat. Tania Foster — Runnin’ For The Rhythm (Extended Mix)
Greg De Wijn — Rupturism (Original Mix)
Hobin Rude — Cognitio (Original Mix)
Huseyin Onen — Late Night Conversations (Original Mix)
J Roddherz — El Momento (Original Mix)
Jonathan Kaspar — CCC
Josh Butler — Fuck The Regs (Extended Mix)
Justus Reim & Nico Banfi — Resemblance
Kevin McKay — Move Ya Body (Jen Payne Extended Remix)
KINGMNC — The Power of Love (Groovy Mix)
Leandro Murua — Volcano (Original Mix)
Makebo — Belief
Makebo — Magare
Makebo — Waterfall
Marco Bailey — Kanai
Mark Wise — The Trip (Elio Riso & Hernan Paredes Remix)
Mark Wise — The Trip (Original Mix)
Matador feat. braev — Eternity
Max Freegrant & Eleonora — Your World (Extended Mix)
My Format feat. Tskaya — Dance Of The Future
Narik & Zara Taylor — Music (Redspace Remix)
Nicone & David Hasert & Dario Klein — Hover
Nicone & David Hasert & Diode Eins — Ah Oh Uh
Nicone & David Hasert & Diode Eins — Ah Oh Uh (Nicone Remix)
Nora En Pure — Forsaken Dream (Extended Mix)
Nora En Pure — Gratitude (Extended Mix)
Odagled — Dallenek (Original Mix)
PARALEL — Efflorescence (Original Mix)
PARALEL, Laura — World Saviours (ANII ‘Dark Edit’ Remix)
PARALEL, Laura — Worlds Saviours (ANII Remix)
PARALEL, Laura — Worlds Saviours (Original Mix)
Phoenix Movement — Matrix (Original Mix)
Phoenix Movement — Sensitive (Original Mix)
Projekt 101 — Emotions! (Come on Ladies Version)
Rob Hayes — Wasted Time (Original Mix)
Ruud — The Only One
Ruud — The Only One (Audionoble Remix)
Sean & Dee — Antares
Sean & Dee — Radiant
Seleck — Far From Home (Original Mix)
SLAMTWISTED — Deep Is Your Body (Original Mix)
SLAMTWISTED — Thunder (Original Mix)
SLP, SNYL — Escape From Reality (Original Mix)
SNYL — Ego Tripping (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev — Oblivion (Mazema Remix)
Stephen Brown — Level Steps
Supply Dealer — Killer My Close Friend (Supply Dealer Remix)
Supply Dealer — No Crying In The Club (Original Mix)
Timo Maas — The Religion of Love (Francesco Mami Main Mix)
Tube & Berger, Frank Klassen — Alive (Deniz Kabu Remix)
Tube & Berger, Frank Klassen — Alive (Extended Mix)
Vykvet — Grays (Original Mix)
YOKTO — Vision99
Yulia Niko & Coro Coro — Molly & Sally feat. Coro Coro (Yulia Niko Remix)
Yulia Niko & Coro Coro & Adam Ten & Mita Gami — Molly & Sally feat. Coro Coro (Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix)


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