New Exclusive Music – 151 Tracks Сollection September 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 151 Tracks Сollection September 2022


21Street & Sean & Dee & Burak KESKIN — Arya (Jordan Gill Extended Remix)
Adam Ten & Mita Gami — High On
Adam Ten & Mita Gami — Night Shift
Adrian Schneider — In Time (Original Mix)
Adrian Schneider — Satori (MIICHII Remix)
Adrian Schneider — Satori (Original Mix)
Adrian Schneider — Second Life (Original Mix)
ALO — Hyperion (Original mix)
ALO — Synthetic Generation (Original mix)
Amlef — Adamantium (Original Mix)
Arni & Mario Mocca — Ethno
Boss Axis, Sasch — Catalina (Sasch Remix)
botafonico — Paradise (Original Mix)
Bound to Divide — Lost Soul (Extended Mix)
Bound to Divide — Seven (Extended Mix)
Bunched, Panik Pop — Indian Spirit (Panik Pop Remix)
Claptone feat. Nathan Nicholson — Make Love Not War (Dombresky Remix)
Claptone feat. Nathan Nicholson — Make Love Not War (Torren Foot Remix)
Coss — Ginkgo (Original Mix)
Coss — Tempest (Original Mix)
CultureKind — Warehouse Love (Extended Mix)
Dario Nuñez & Javi Palmero — All About the Music (Qubiko Remix)
Devid Dega & Andrea Camillo — Chloride
Devid Dega & Andrea Camillo — Domina
Dillon Nathaniel — Sympho
Dillon Nathaniel — Thinkin Bout You
Dillon Nathaniel feat. Haylee Wood — Girls Who Like Girls
Dimka (Gr) — Cloudy Sky (Nicola Papa Remix)
Disfreq — Time Is Now (Extended Mix)
DJ BlockStation & Spectree — CO2 Dreams (Original Mix)
DJ Dextro — Commodore
DJ Dextro — Freak Patch
DJ Dextro — Soul Rider
DJ Dextro — The Day After Tomorrow
Elsp — Remedy
Elsp — The One
Enamour — Revelator (Extended Mix)
Enamour feat. Shobi — Healer feat. shobi (Extended Mix)
Entel — Belong Here (Erik Lucas Remix) (Extended)
Entel & Riascode feat. ova — Eternity (Rune Noire Remix) (Extended)
Entel feat. Eileen Jaime — Falling In (Element 108 Remix) (Extended)
Erman Erim — Paul Valentin (Original Mix)
Frank Klassen — Fly (Extended Mix)
Gabriel & Dresden — Bias (Extended Mix)
Galestian — Temple Of Healing
GC System — Illusion
GC System — Opus
GC System — Siona
GC System — Wowhoho
Gurban Abbasli — Still Remember You
HeartWerk — Shakuhachi (Original Mix)
HilalDeep — Snake
Horisone — Fade (Extended Mix)
Horisone — Feel So High (Extended Mix)
Inkfish — A Secret World Inside
Ismael Rivas — Simbeya (Juanma Sanchez Remix)
Ismael Rivas — Simbeya (Original Mix)
Jamie Jones & Darius Syrossian — The Best Thing
Jamie Jones & Darius Syrossian — We Bring It (Original Mix)
Javier Portilla & Wizard (CR) feat. Haptic — Wicked
Javier Portilla & Wizard (CR) feat. Haptic — Wicked (Hannes Bieger Remix)
Javier Portilla & Wizard (CR) feat. Haptic — Wicked (Heik Remix)
Jerro — Descent (Original Mix)
Jerro — Linger (Original Mix)
Kilany M — We Turn It to Zero
Kilany M — We Turn It to Zero (Mau Bacarreza Remix)
Klaps (BE) — Ants
Klaps (BE) — Hypnotron
Le Petit Frenchy & ARKHAZIUM — Closer
Le Youth feat. OCULA & Nathan Nicholson — If Only (You Could Be Here) (Grigorè Extended Remix)
Lubelski — Sometimes Why
Lubelski — Vowels
Lubelski — Vowels (Renato Cohen Remix)
Luke Alessi — Molecular Motions
Marco Miranda — Andromeda
Marco Miranda — Eternity
Martin HERRS — Humalogy
Matan Caspi, Angie Be — Escape (Original Mix)
MaurizioG — Anil (Original Mix)
Mehrklang, Melokind — Trying to Feel Something (Melokind Remix)
messier & Bardeeya — Desert Storm
messier & Bardeeya — Desert Storm (2Qimic)
messier & Bardeeya — Desert Storm (Greene Remix)
Metodi Hristov — Clouds of Eden
Mikel Ayerra, Roiio — Aina (Original Mix)
Monofade — Another Dimension
Monofade — Spacekraft
Monofade — Starlight
Montyi — Monopoly (Extended Mix)
Mr. V — Mr. Bongo (Hello Children) (Butch Extended Remix)
Mr. V — Somethin’ Wit Jazz (Dario D’Attis Extended Remix)
Mr. V — The Drum (Mr. V House Masters Extended Variant)
Nick Schwenderling — Human Element (Extended Mix)
Nikko Culture — Stay With Me
Nikoretti — Attack
Nikoretti — Saint Javelin
Nolan & Luke Brancaccio — See The Stars (Extended Version)
Nors Kode — For You
Oscar — Kettenkarussel (Original Mix)
Paige, Nihil Young — Scars (Extended Mix)
Popof & Captain Mustache — La Nuit
Pretty Pink — Break the Silence (Dub Mix)
Pretty Pink — Break the Silence (Extended Mix)
Pyra — Steadfast
Rangel Coelho — The Darkness
Redspace & Dajals — Alpine Water
Redspace & Dajals — Dark
Redspace & Dajals — Fly With Me
Redspace & Dajals — Love of Yesterday
Roger-M — Running Up That Hill feat Christine Moll (Stev Dive Extended Remix)
Rudra (SL) — Fire Spirit
Rudra (SL) — Fire Spirit (Carlim Remix)
Rudra (SL) — Fire Spirit (RPO Remix)
Santiablo & Skarlit — Holding On
SANTIABLO Feat. Skarlit — Holding On (Original Mix)
Sasha Malis — Drumas intro (Original Mix)
Serge Proshe & July Vitraniuk — Mother Dreams
Serge Proshe & July Vitraniuk — Mother Dreams (Club Mix)
Serge Proshe & July Vitraniuk — Mother Dreams (Stan Kolev Dub)
Serge Proshe & July Vitraniuk — Mother Dreams (Stan Kolev Remix)
Sis feat. Ozanca — Eric Dali feat. Ozanca
Smash TV — Loneliness (Extended Version)
HilalDeep — Snake
SparroX — Dream (Original Mix)
SparroX — Tam Tum Tam (Original Mix)
Spektre — Leviathan
Spektre — Love Never Ends
Squire, Moscoman & OMRI. feat. Pilar Icazuriaga — Salvation feat. Pilar Icazuriaga (Moscoman & OMRI. Remix)
Steve Hope — Birds On (Extended Mix)
Taly Shum — Abstraction
Taly Shum — Awakening
The Dualz — Venus Trip
Tom Shopper, Max Volkholz, Helmut Dubnitzky — Flip (Helmut Dubnitzky RMX)
Tom Zeta — Walk In The Park
Travis Emmons — Lady Luck (Extended Mix)
Trey Vinter & Eriva — Interstellar (Extended Mix)
Trey Vinter & Eriva — Saturn (Extended Mix)
Tyler Coey — Down (Extended Mix)
Uzun — Breeze
VieL — Methexis
VieL — Precious Times
Yaas — Eetab
Yaas — Sahwa
Yeahman feat. Madhushree — Wadi Rum (Extended Version)
Zac — Keep on Fallin’ (Extended Mix)


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Releases zippyshare DOWNLOAD 20.09.2022

New Releases 20.09.2022

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 45

Add-us — Behind the lights [PR039].zip
Arutani — Waterbender [DSG002].zip
Billamas — To Say Someday [BH089].zip
Bulûc — Moodyness [TT358].zip
Chesster — Vagabond EP [MOAN177].zip
Chico Problema — Acid Trip [INDUSHE275].zip
Claude Tarrell — All I Need [WYLD135C].zip
Copasetic — Sights [NVR178].zip
Covsky — Space Walk [MWH007].zip
Dandara, Olivan, Chakib Bouzidi — Sayo EP [BK028].zip
Dario Nunez, Javi Palmero — All About The Music (Qubiko Remix) [RIM115].zip
Drumcomplex, Ben Champell — Bathyspehre [CMPL124].zip
Dylan Debut — Seventy Seven EP [HOUPH100].zip
El Retsof — Run [LIN307].zip
Emegepe — Wild Nature EP [FG523].zip
Euthym — Mandala [ZENE040].zip
Guru Reza — Ridin In The Lambo [STH212].zip
I Am Bam — The Future Is Now EP [PRRUKD22119].zip
ilfi — Thicker Dimensions [PURISM12].zip
Jay Lumen — Mandala [FW033].zip
Joeski, Doc Martin — Clouds _ Stereo EP [SL012].zip
Julio Bravo — Last Day [KOOKS002].zip
KIRIK, Alia Palant — I Will Get It [MRD015].zip
Luis Pergo — About This EP [DM279].zip
Luman, Emi CA — Rose _ Shades _ Arcanum [UV132].zip
Made In TLV — Rambo [BS025].zip
Manti — Departed [SEQ043].zip
Marco Biagioli — Eugene Tribe [MNT085].zip
Mariner — Neverglades [STFR037].zip
Massio, PABLoKEY — Aura [ST355].zip
Matteo Quezada, South Brothers — Moves Like That Mami [HBT412].zip
Miss DChamps — Dignidad [CAT010].zip
Opus Klien — Aeronautic EP [RH009].zip
Portable — My Light of Yesterday [CCS122].zip
Return of the Jaded — Run It Back (feat. Kid Enigma) [Extended Mix] [5054197352683].zip
Tony y Not — Send Me Up EP [MMM32].zip
Toti LWR — Rio [IWR066].zip
Tripolism, Nandu, Theo Curtis Kissi — Resistance EP [OOO005].zip
VA — See The Sound [MAN367].zip
VA — Sigma Up [LMP144C].zip
VA — Vision Series 2 [SUBVISION0021].zip
Vakabular — Feels Good [GSREC217].zip
Walker, Royce & Nala — Not About You [BB42B].zip
Zoodiak — Wave Code [GRYR078].zip


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Top Tracks 20.09.2022

Top Tracks 20.09.2022

Hot 27 Tracks

Adam Sellouk — Outbreak (Original Mix).mp3

Ademarr — Higher (Orignal Mix).mp3

Andre Moret — Ambit.mp3

Andre Silva — Psydelic (Original Mix).mp3

Autoflower — Basics (Original Mix).mp3

Blvkrose, Candor — Elevator (Extended Mix).mp3

Booka Shade — Corrosion (Contour 2).mp3

Brk (Br) — Like This (Original Mix).mp3

Chapter & Verse — In The Dark (Extended Mix).mp3

Claude Tarrell — All I Need (Original Mix).mp3

Crescendoll, Dylan Andrew — Never (Original Mix).mp3

Elsp — The One (Original Mix).mp3

Empire of the Sun — We Are The People (Timeproof Remix).mp3

Gordo — Taraka (Korolova & Two Are Extended Remix).mp3

Havoc & Lawn — Seagull’s Song (Extended Mix) .mp3

Innure — Black Hole (Original Mix).mp3

Jay Lumen — Mandala (Original Mix).mp3

Jon.K — Mantra (Original Mix).mp3

Kaskade x deadmau5 pres. Kx5 — Take Me High (Extended Mix Beatport Exclusive).mp3

Katamuro — Snake Circle (Extended Mix).mp3

Made In TLV — Cats & Hats (Original Mix).mp3

Made In TLV — Dream.mp3

Moonwalk — Aries (Original Mix).mp3

OIBAF&WALLEN — Luana (Olivier Giacomotto Remix).mp3


Serge Proshe, July Vitraniuk — Mother Dreams (Original Mix).mp3

Solyon — Hypnosis (Original Mix).mp3

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