New Exclusive Music – 108 Tracks Сollection November 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 108 Tracks Сollection November 2022


ADIN — Back To Life (KAMADEV & Paul Hazendonk Remix)
Ameli Paul — Encore (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
AndRave — In Your Heart
Ankid — After Dark (Original Mix)
Ankid — Aviator (Original Mix)
Ankid — Interstellar (Original Mix)
Cerf with Mitiska & Jaren — Beggin’ You (Adam Scott Extended Remix)
Christian Smith — Black Sky (Original Mix)
Crespo — Dram (Extended Mix)
Dani Sbert — Never Say Never (Extended Mix)
Death on the Balcony — Blood Shot (Original Mix)
Death on the Balcony — Find A Way (Original Mix)
Dilby, Lazarusman, Simon Mattson — Give It To Them (Dilby Extended 2022 Rework)
Djolee, Nicolas Parrado — Wasted Champion (Ian Ludvig Remix)
Djolee, Nicolas Parrado — Wasted Champion (Original Mix)
Dorothy — Coastal (Extended Mix)
Dumming Dum — Aeden (Murat Uncuoglu Remix)
Ellroy, Belody — Insecure (BiG AL Remix)
Ellroy, Belody — Insecure (Jimmy Be Remix)
Ellroy, Belody — Insecure (Original Mix)
Ellroy, Belody — Insecure (Pure Version)
Endz (IT) — Acid World (Original Mix)
Endz (IT) — Gaaarden (Original Mix)
Endz (IT) — Last Romantic (Original Mix)
Enzio Etchaberri — Sumatra Cerebral (Original Mix)
Erdit Mertiri — How Will I Know
Federico Monachesi — Submerged
Federico Monachesi — Zagros
Federico Monachesi — Zagros (Hobin Rude Remix)
flayman — Dancing With Goddess (Original Mix)
flayman — Moonlight Orchestra (Original Mix)
flayman — Remembering The Past (Original Mix)
flayman — Travel To The Subconsciousness (Original Mix)
Flo van O — Zero Miles (Original Mix)
Frank Biazzi — Confusion
Frank Biazzi — Patience
Frank Biazzi — Rolling
Frank Biazzi — Work
Franky Wah x Sasha — I’ll Never Change (SHÈN Edit)
Gabriel Ananda, Ninsa — Stellar Interpretation Of A Heartbreaking Sci-Fi Theme (Original Mix)
Hassler — Love Boat Samba
Hassler — You Got Me
Heard Right feat. Biishop — All for You (Djimboh Extended Remix)
Heard Right feat. Gavin Beach — Eventually (Alex Breitling Extended Remix)
IRA (GER) — Are We Alone? (Carsten Halm Remix)
IRA (GER) — Still Thinking Of You (Anderson (SE) remix)
IRA (GER) — Still Thinking Of You (Original Mix)
IRA (GER) — Still Thinking Of You (Stil & Bense Remix)
john moss — Body Motion (Shake It) (Extended Mix)
Jondi & Spesh — Organic Broccoli Florets (Original Mix)
Jondi & Spesh — Your Ice (Original Mix)
Kaguto — 4 Signs (Original Mix)
Kaguto — Light Switch (Original Mix)
lexy Catcher — Eclipse (Original Mix)
Louis de Tomaso — Malfunction (Original Mix)
Louis de Tomaso — Prince (Original Mix)
Luca Gaeta — Train (Extended Mix)
Luigi Rocca — Shake For Me (Extended Mix)
M.F.S: Observatory — Tenor & Castle (Original Mix)
M.F.S: Observatory, Lazy Ants — Disturb (Original Mix)
Made By Pete — Matriarch (Original Mix)
Made By Pete, Tom Diesel — The Munich Affair (Original Mix)
Maman Kusters — Happy Meal (Franck Kartell Remix)
Maximus Monster — Forever In My Heart (Original Mix)
Maximus Monster — Let Me Show You (Original Mix)
Maze 28 — Eternal Now (Christian Monique Remix)
Michael Klein — Golden Hour
Michael Klein — Howlip
Michael Klein — In My Own Eyes
Michael Klein — One Eyed Master
Michael Klein — Voice Interrupt
Milkwish & Stone Van Brooken — Everything (Erdi Irmak Remix)
Milkwish & Stone Van Brooken — Everything (Extended Mix)
Monarke — Deja Vu
Monarke — You Sigh
Moritz Hofbauer — Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Nasser Tawfik, Sione (SP) — Disomnia (Original Mix)
Nasser Tawfik, Sione (SP) — Last Call (Original Mix)
Notoir — Venus (Original Mix)
NØ Ārtist — Experimentation
NØ Ārtist — Serious
Pablo Bolivar, Nhar — Bevelle (Original Mix)
Pablo Bolivar, Nhar — Sub Station (Original Mix)
Peter Makto — Kyoto Sunset (Original Mix)
PK 1 — The Tape (Original Mix)
PNDMC — Late Night (Original Mix)
Redshape — Cluster (Original Mix)
Ressonant — Spectral White Wizard (Original Mix)
Rob Hes, Joey White — She’s Coming (Original Mix)
Saccao — Bridges of Eden (Sergio Del Lago Remix)
Safar (FR) — Daje (Original Mix)
Safar (FR) — Voodoo People (Original Mix)
SANTIABLO — Visions (Original Mix)
Skream & Jansons — World Is Empty (Extended Mix)
Soloiist — Summer Romance (Original Mix)
Stanco — I Apologize
Stanco — I Want
Stella Bossi — Monolith (Original Mix)
t-Zhuk — Liana (Original Mix)
t-Zhuk — Tuna (Original Mix)
Taster Peter — Body Call (Extended Mix)
Tom Relio — Loose Yourself (Original Mix)
Tom Relio — Take It (Original Mix)
Tuneon — Mainframe (Extended Mix)
Vicente Panach — Wings
Vyacheslav Sitov — From Sediment Of Grey Smoke (Original Mix)
Moritz Hofbauer — Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Zeitgeist — The Blacklist (Extended Mix)


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Releases zippyshare DOWNLOAD 06.11.2022

New Releases 06.11.2022

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 32

Andre Salmon, Phil Costa — Clap & Cry [ATM051].zip
Cajmere, Dajae — Brighter Days (30 Year Anniversary Remixes) [CAJ428].zip
Columbo Beat — Homelander EP [TT360].zip
Dj Kaos — I Want To Be There [JJ078].zip
Elias Erium — Fragmented [PHM018].zip
Elwen — Enkidu [HWD159].zip
Gabski — Barcelone EP [LA051].zip
Harvey McKay — On The Drum [KP134].zip
Hassler — Adventures, Vol. 1 [PETS163].zip
Hollen — Stargate [TERM217].zip
IRA (GER) — Still Thinking Of You EP [NAT842].zip
Izhikiel — Lost In My Mind [DDP028].zip
Jona Cerezo, Karl Reyes — Encoder [NPL088].zip
Lautaro Gabioud — Existence [SA181].zip
Mario Fitoria — Pusher [PLAYMOBIL222C].zip
Mark Row — Got to Be Strong [HFS2235].zip
Martin Badder — Sassy EP (Steve Bug Rmx) [WHW243].zip
Mene — Move Ya Thing EP [KLM12901Z].zip
Miguel Bastida — Por El Camino _ Alarm State (Extended Mix) [190296057274].zip
Mr. Vegas, Will Taylor (UK) — Dynamo (Will Taylor Club Mix) [ITC3218X].zip
Nate Chapman (US) — Talent Show [RAW103].zip
Orange JD — Black & White [UXE297].zip
RooneyNasr — CNTRL [ORANGE196].zip
Skonka — Sueña EP [TAR067].zip
Tayllor, Mavhungu — Ndofira [W341].zip
TOBEHONEST — Party [SOS062].zip
Tre Reynolds — Slap The Bass EP [DPE1896].zip
Vital (BR) — Rythm EP [TLT056].zip
Withoutwork — Let Me Groove [MATERIAL244B].zip
Yamagucci — It´s Something in Me [FF005].zip
Zero Fate — Hot Sand EP (Original Mix) [SOUTA0017].zip


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