Releases New DOWNLOAD 30.05.2023

New Releases 30.05.2023

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 26

Alex Sounds — Stand Up EP [HBT446].zip
Diego Bustamante — Freaky [HTM179].zip
Gokhan Gokkaya — Space Ghost [10278616].zip
Imagine Souls — High Ground [MYC1227].zip
Jolly — Diva [LP887].zip
Jon Lee — Question Everything [HD122].zip
JUST2, Niteplan — Wheeldown [HEAR010].zip
Jvmdj — Life Incomplete [CLR0018].zip
Karan Ajmani — Flown by Remixes [MF060].zip
Lipless — Illusions [ENCOLOR428E].zip
Loukar — Artificial Reality EP [MNT103].zip
M.A. — Picture The Scene [CYC122].zip
marcos canepa — Everybodycox EP [DM337].zip
Math Smith — Molossia [CLM070].zip
Miguel Diaz — Shake it [CAT850234].zip
Neoteq — Groove On [L2L0049].zip
NicoRozas, Diego Sosa — Get Nasty EP [BSM061D].zip
Santy Perizzotti — Lombert [MM303].zip
Standrey — The Last Man on Earth [PSR008].zip
Togni — Hope [PLTL209].zip
Tommaso Pizzelli — Deep in You [CC02].zip
Tommy Bones — House of Bones Vol. 5 [HOB005].zip
VA — ADNK003 Various Artist [ADNK003].zip
VA — Ecoul Snd V.a 4 [ECOULVA004].zip
VA — Fantastic Four vol. 22 [FG564].zip
Yahra — Free Man [3AV369].zip


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New Exclusive Music – 260 Tracks Сollection May 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 260 Tracks Сollection May 2023


7even Icon — Dark Side (Original Mix)
A-Mase — Mi Destino (Extended Mix)
Adam Butler — Show Me (Extended Mix)
Aerofeel5 & Vakabular — Ears Blinding (Extended Mix)
Aerofeel5 & Vakabular — Life Is Easy (Extended Mix)
ALAY (ofc) — Journey (Original mix)
ALAY (ofc) — Redemption (Original mix)
Alessandro Papa — Mi Amore
Alex Di Sano — Upside Down
Alex Lazque — Dejame Amarte
Alican — Ease (Original Mix)
Alican — Phases (Original Mix)
Alican — Stronger (Original Mix)
Alican, Soner Ince — Moving On (Original Mix)
AMFM (MX) — Si Señor
AMFM (MX) — Techno Ganas
Andre Keller — Move on Out
Andres Luque — Goa (Original Mix)
Andres Luque — Uka (Original Mix)
Andy MacDougall — Shaman (Dennis Cruz Remix)
Andy Power — Blurring
Andy Power — Novem
Angel Sanchez, Space Motion — Moonlight feat. MAGNUS
Angel Sanchez, Space Motion — Moonlight feat. MAGNUS (Space Motion Remix)
Arcadio — Crimson
AUL — Alex Sosa
AUL — Enigma
Avenue One — Vega (L.GU. Remix)
Aytac Kart — Addicted
Azad & Berb — Paladin (Original Mix)
Baphömental — Walk in Dark
Bigtopo — You Are Real (Extended Mix)
Blue Cell — Ebbe (Raul Suarez Space Coast Interpretation)
Blue Cell — Ebbe (SALAZAR COL Remix)
Blue Cell — Flut (Juani Ramirez Remix)
Blue Cell — Flut (Max Averbach Remix)
Borena — Can’t Sleep (Extended Mix)
Bowsie — Solerno (Song For Sarah) (
Bra Yen, Vandeme — Pixel
BRIAN DE SANTIS — Sara (Lila Rose (UY) Remix)
BRIAN DE SANTIS — Sarmiento and Bulnes
Captain Mustache — Solar Noodles (Original Mix)
Che Jose, ALLKNIGHT — Faxxin
Che Jose, Ross McGuire — Lost in Time feat. Ross McGuire
Coss Bocanegra — Echoes (Original Mix)
Coss Bocanegra — Midnight Rain (Original Mix)
Cris Rece — Level (Original Mix)
Damabiah — The Hermit (Original Mix)
Das Klaus — Körper (Energieberater Remix)
David Yarrow — Mirage (Original Mix)
Davide T — Classic Breakdown
Deega — Pa-Nic (Original Mix)
Deilish — Nightfall
Digitalism — Binary (Original Mix)
DJ Danzik — Buddha On X (Home Shell, Olven Remix)
DJ Danzik — Buddha On X (Original Mix)
DJ Dextro — 100 Reis
DJ Dextro — Body Worker
DJ Dextro — Self Inductance
DJ Leoni — Deep Dive
DOMO (ES) — Orchid (Original Mix)
DOMO (ES) — Someday (Original Mix)
Droplex x Sterbinszky — Flip The Switch (Original Mix)
Dsnt Matter — Serenade (Extended Mix)
Dsnt Matter — Serenade (Instrumental Mix)
Dunadry — Underneath Your Skin (Original Mix)
Ebony Willis — Everything Is Connected
Ebony Willis — Everything Is Connected (Mora Remix)
Ebony Willis — Fractals
Ebony Willis — Fractals (Innacircle Remix)
Ebony Willis — Fractals (Myth Helia Remix)
Edu Schwartz — Balearic Gardens (Original mix)
Edu Schwartz — La Cueva (Original mix)
Edu Schwartz — La Cueva (Zakem remix)
Elesis — Overthinking (Extended Mix)
Elesis — Reality (Extended Mix)
Emrah Balkan — Acrid
Emrah Balkan — Extreme (Original Mix)
Enis Coban, Eylül Sahin — Jaman
Eva Kade, Colonial One — How Dare You (Extended Mix)
Farris — A Beautiful Dream
Farris — Promises
Flaist — Raccoon (Original Mix)
Flaist — Vision (Original Mix)
Fourth Phase — Dancin Like We Never
Frank Hurman, Julio Posadas, Pedro Miras — Whales On Sea
Franky Wah — Dimensions
Gabriel Robella — Eleven (Original Mix)
Galø — Todo Pasa
Germind — Aries
Guen B — Pluck Off
Guersman — Timefall (Original Mix)
Hoova — Bokoba (Original Mix)
Hoova — DejaVu (Original Mix)
Imagine Souls — High Ground
Imagine Souls — High Ground (Axel Terblanche Remix)
Imagine Souls — High Ground (Masedonico Remix)
INVŌKER — Ghost in the Machine (Original Mix)
Italoconnection — Flash In The Night (Extended Mix)
JARES — Inception
JARES — Inception (Petar Dundov Remix)
JARES — Lost in Space
Jashida Kazury — DON’T CLOSE (Original Mix)
Jefrey Blake — Timeless
Jimmy Chou, Yang — Horizon Fall (Extended Mix)
John Ov3rblast — Cosmos
Joyce Muniz — Buzzing (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz — Dressed In Secrets (Original Mix)
Juakax — Entrophy
Kabi (AR) — Just a Matter of Time
Kaguto — The Place (Electric Pill Remix)
Kaguto — The Place (Original Mix)
Karan Ajmani — Flown By (ONEN Remix)
Karan Ajmani — Flown By (Serge Landar Remix)
KARPOVICH, Jon.K — Sound Explosion
KARPOVICH, Jon.K — Sound Explosion (Matara Remix)
Kay-D, Andrew T Dorn — Broken Mirror
Kay-D, Andrew T Dorn — Broken Mirror (Christian Monique Remix)
Kay-D, Andrew T Dorn — Broken Mirror (Richard Stonefield Remix)
Kiberu — Your Eyes (Original Mix)
KIDSØ — Freya
Klara Sestiniova — State Of Mind (Extended Mix)
Klara Sestiniova — Suspiria (Extended Mix)
Kör — Tattoo (Remix)
Korolova, Jonas Saalbach & Sbstn — Traces
Krasa Rosa, Ranta & Miroshin — Kolybelnaya (Extended Mix)
Krestovsky — Desperation
Krestovsky — Disturb
Krestovsky — First Time
Krik Over — Fade Out
La Madone — Bounce
Leo Wood, Meyer (ofc) — No Use In Dying
Levasseur — Dopamine (Extended Mix)
Levitate — Costa
Lionote — Lost in Space
Lionote — Redirection
Lipless — Illusions (Extended Mix)
Lunar Plane — Above
Lunar Plane — Waiting
Lunar Plane & Sezer Uysal — Je Danse
M.O.S. & Bona Fide — Volga (Extended Mix)
Malov — Endurance (Extended Mix)
Malov — Guilting Loving You (Extended Mix)
Malov — Guilty Loving You (Erly Tepshi Remix)
Marc Romboy, Oniris — Panta Rei (Original Mix)
Marco Bedini — Paira (Extended Mix)
Matara — Abnormal (Original Mix)
Matara — Back To You (Original Mix)
Matara — Shake’n’hit (Original Mix)
Math Smith — Avanos (Original Mix)
Math Smith — Darvaza (Original Mix)
Math Smith — Givin Rope (Original Mix)
Metodi Hristov — Afraid of the Time
Metodi Hristov — This Is Why
Meyer (ofc) — White Lies
Michael A — Doctrine
Michael A — Time Interrupted
Michael Simon — Avan
MIGUEL PINA — Omniscient
MINDSKAP — Golden Rays (Original Mix)
Modera & Phoebe Tsen — From Walks Of Life (Extended Mix)
moty (FR) — Cloud Rest (Original Mix)
Mr.Mind — Fire in My Heart (Original Mix)
Mr.Mind — I Won’t Change (Original Mix)
MU.ZI — Maize
naws — Darkone
Nesia — Punch (Original Mix)
Nickolas Grace — Time
Nicolas Masseyeff — Levante (Original Mix)
Nicone, Starving Yet Full, Aracil — FIIIRE (Nicone Huch, Da War Der Arp Noch An Remix)
Nicone, Starving Yet Full, Aracil — FIIIRE (Original Mix)
Nihil Young — 1998 (Extended Mix)
Nitrous Oxide — Antidote (Extended Mix)
No Hopes — Song of Freedom (Extended Mix)
Nōpi — Pasito
Nōpi — Too Love
Nors Kode — I’m On Fire (feat. Michelle Featherstone) [Extended Mix]
Nors Kode — Patience (Extended Mix)
Nors Kode & Helium — Melon Juice (Extended Mix)
Octavio Gimenez, MAC:ANNÂ — Sword
OIO — Smoke & Mirrors (Original Mix)
OIO — So Far
Paul elov8 Smith — Tears From Heaven (Extended Mix)
Philipp Wolf — In The Air
Phreek — Primer (Original mix)
Pink Pig — Recall the Past (Extended Mix)
Pional — Time Of The G’s
RAFA MOON — The Stars (Original Mix)
Raul Mad & Blue Sector — Cassiopeia (Extended Mix)
Ray Silva — Become
Ray Silva — Life All About Love Tape My Journey
Red Axes — Relax Shiva (DJ Gregory Remix)
Red Axes — Relax Shiva (Instrumental)
Red Axes — Relax Shiva (Sidartha Siliceo & Heiko Dijker Remix)
Redge — Are You Telling Me No
Redge — Narcotic
Rianu Keevs — Through Doubt (Original Mix)
Rio Moriyasu — Amairo
Rio Moriyasu — Konpeki
Rio Moriyasu — Shinku
Robinzki — Aschatan (Original Mix)
Romi Lux — Dreaming (Extended Mix)
Satoshi Fumi — Crystalline (Original Mix)
Segura Blanco. — Nbhd Problems
Segura Blanco. — Punto Blanco
Shevchenko — Atlantis
Solar Sound — Mesmerized A# (Extended Mix)
Some Of — Beginning
Some Of — Beginning (Moon-Sun Remix)
Some Of — Beginning (Purple Mars Remix)
Some Of — Beginning (Van Múrten Remix)
Sonzini — One Night
Sonzini — This Apple
Sound Fusion — Signals
Space Food — Feel for Race
Space Food — I Feel Energy
Space Food — You & I
Spanless — Grip
Specifik — Halcyon Aurora
Specifik — Highseen
Specifik — Unique Jewel
Specifik — Unique Jewel (Alex Efe Remix)
Stan Kolev, Aaron Suiss — Envision (Original Mix)
Standrey — Orbital Ghost
Standrey — The Last Man on Earth
State Azure — Tempest (
Stefano Kosa — Systematic
Stil & Bense — Cyberlove
Stil & Bense — The Soul
Stil & Bense — The Spark
Swindler — Voice of the People
Tal Fussman — Outlaw (Original Mix)
Talamasca — Lady Sweet Dream (Megatone Remix)
Tamer ElDerini — Ohebak (BEBO Remix)
Th Moy — Dreams (Original Mix)
Th Moy — Signalis (Original Mix)
The Archer, REBRN — Go Within feat. Bati Kaht
The Archer, REBRN — Go Within feat. Bati Kaht (The Archer Remix)
The Madison — Can’t Save You (Extended Mix)
The Otter Gang — Stay True
Thedtry — Noise in Tune
Thedtry — Shout
Thodoris Triantafillou — Aliens (Original Mix)
TOBAK — Bloom
Togni — Hope
Togni — Joy
Tomy Wahl, Los Cabra — Roboticsoul (Original mix)
Tomy Wahl, Los Cabra — White Nonsense (Original mix)
Tryger — Loose (Extended Mix)
Tryger — Waiting (Extended Mix)
Verlk, Santiago Garcia, Steve Smith — Sisters (Original Mix)
Vito Raisi — The Night (CARMEE Remix)
Wadd — Back (Bām̐dara Remix)
Wankelmut x BELLA X — Overdrive (Extended Mix)
widerberg — Stay (Extended Mix)
Yence505, Emphavoice — Black Eyes (Progressive Mix)


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