Top Tracks 05.02.2024

Top Tracks 05.02.2023


Hot 37 Tracks

Agustin Pietrocola — Dimension (Original Mix).mp3

Agustin Pietrocola — Sorcerer (Original Mix).mp3

Alican — Stronger (EdOne Remix) —

Anil Vardareli & Bilgehan Ünver — Destruction —

Area Exclusive — Sign up —

ARTBAT, Another Life — In Your Arms (Original Mix).mp3

Chris Bowl — Silent Plain (Original Mix)

Coco, Rafäl (MA) — There’s Something (DJ CHUS Remix).mp3

Deepment — Language (Dilby Remix)

Dizharmonia, Skapi — Passion (Original Mix) —

DJ Mandraks, Kylian Lake & Lukes Du Mont — In The Back Room (Extended Mix) — — Music.jpg

DOT (BR), Rachel Reis — Eu Vou Pra Bahia (Extended Mix).mp3

download electronic music —

Exclusive —

FJL — Night Creatures —

Furtee, Daniel Weirdo — Magic (Original Mix).mp3

Gianni Romano, Emanuele Esposito, Helen Tesfazghi — It’s Not Right (Moojo Remix).mp3

Joezi — Pursuit of Happiness.mp3

Karretero — Show Your Hands (Original Mix).mp3

Kimotion — Right Here Right Now.mp3

KiRiK — Belle Vie.mp3

Korolova x MotherEarth feat. Tyoz — Nightshapes (Extended Mix).mp3

Kosmo — The Tribe (Original Mix)

Makid — Takadum —

Marc Lenz — People Are People (Original Mix).mp3

Mariz — Secrets (Extended Mix) —

Mayro — Chimi —

MoRsei — Sacred Planet.mp3

New Sign up

Nick Pappa — Maneye —

PACS — Timeshift (Extended Mix) —

PRIVATE AREA — Sign up — read it.txt

QT-HIGH, Kasango, ROBINS — Lost (Extended).mp3

Ruback & Adam Sellouk — Deeper (Extended Mix) —

Ryan Hill — Indigo (Original Mix)

Sign up

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Most Wanted 238 Djs Chart Top 127 Tracks –

Most Wanted 238 Djs Chart Top 127 Tracks


Abuk — Don’t Say (Original Mix)
ƒАEMYGDALA — Back On (Original Mix)
Alessio Bianchi — Boyz Mind (Original Mix)
Alessio Bianchi — Saturday Night (Original Mix)
Alfa Romero — 84 (Extended Mix)
Alican — Stronger (EdOne Remix)
Alphadog — Real Borg (Extended Mix)
Anil Vardareli & Bilgehan √Ьnver — Destruction
ARTBAT, Another Life — In Your Arms (Original Mix)
Coco, Raf√§l (MA) — There’s Something (DJ CHUS Remix)
Curol — Tulum (Extended Mix)
Diamandy & Sandokan — Era
Diamandy & Sandokan — Millennials
Diego Straube — Ohrwurm
Dizharmonia, Skapi — Passion (Original Mix)
Dizharmonia, Skapi, Milanika — Inner Light (Original Mix)
DJ Mandraks, Kylian Lake & Lukes Du Mont — In The Back Room (Extended Mix)
Dom Dolla — Saving Up (Odd Mob Extended Remix)
Dominik Gehringer — Strange World (Extended Mix)
DOT (BR), Rachel Reis — Eu Vou Pra Bahia (Extended Mix)
enai & Afnan Prince — Visionaire (Extended Mix)
Far&High — Sans Vetements (Adam Sellouk & ORISS Remix)
Far&High — Sans Vetements (Plastic Robots Remix)
Far&High — Sans Vetements (Prana Flow Remix)
FJL — Night Creatures
Franklyn Watts, Swav√© — Me Vuelve Loco (Original Mix)
Furtee, Daniel Weirdo — Magic (Original Mix)
Gianni Romano, Emanuele Esposito, Helen Tesfazghi — It’s Not Right (Moojo Remix)
Habitatt — Fly With Me (Extended Mix)
Ira Ange & Tanit — Rue De Babylon
jairo delli — Banki (Original Mix)
jairo delli — Sexy (Nacho Scoppa Remix)
jairo delli — Sexy (Original Mix)
Jason Johnson — Reality Is Now (Original Mix)
Joezi — Pursuit of Happiness
J√ШKR & KODA (AR) — Muse (Monococ Remix)
Khouri — Now (Extended Mix)
Kimotion — Right Here Right Now
KiRiK — Belle Vie
Korolova, MotherEarth, Tyoz — Nightshapes (Extended Mix)
Krash! & Underlow — Connected (Vakabular Remix Extended)
Lampe, Frank Spector — Be Careful (Original Mix)
Legit Trip — Magyar
Lucho Bragagnolo — Purize (Original Mix)
Luis M — Synthuation
Makid — Takadum
Marc DePulse — Better Than That
Marc DePulse — Slave (Original Mix)
Mariz — Secrets (Extended Mix)
Mark Knight, Armand Van Helden — Don’t Abuse It (Extended)
Maxxim, flanerr — Moments of Wonder (Extended Mix)
Mayro — Chimi
Mayro — Colorful World
Micronica — Just One (Original Mix)
Micronica — You Will See (Original Mix)
Mila Journ√©e — No Control (Extended Mix)
Monococ & J√ШKR — Skyward
Monococ, J√ШKR — Aviator (Original Mix)
MoRsei — Sacred Planet
MOSKA — No Signal
Nico Morano & MeWhy — Everything I Own (Gorje Hewek Remix)
Noya Chekoral — Fomo
NUFECTS & PAUL (AR) — Something Different (Jamie Stevens Remix)
PACS — Timeshift (Extended Mix)
QT-HIGH, Kasango, ROBINS — Lost (Extended)
Ricardo Molinari, Renato (CL) — Work Work (Original Mix)
R√ФDEZ — We Trust
Ruback & Adam Sellouk — Deeper (Extended Mix)
RY X — Len√І√≥is (Love Me) (Extended Version, Cassian Remix)
Saison — Suffer (Fouk Extended Remix)
Santiago Garcia — Mundo Interior
Shayan Pasha — Synonym (HAFT Remix)
Shayan Pasha — Synonym (Kenan Savrun Remix)
SLVR & Lena Sue — By My Side (Extended Mix)
Spartans & Afnan Prince — Letting Go (Extended Mix)
Sunbios — Examined (Rafael Cerato Remix)
Taleman — Habitat (Erdi Irmak Extended Remix)
Taleman — Melodyt (Den Macklin Extended Remix)
Taleman — Melodyt (Lisandro Extended Remix)
Then — By My Side (Original Mix)
Then — Running (Original Mix)
then, Carlo Whale — Say It (Original Mix)
The Temper Trap — Sweet Disposition (John Summit & Silver Panda Extended Remix)
Tonerush feat. Pragma — Enarxis (Extended Mix)
Umid — Digital Dreams
Victor Vergara — Funkaza
Wurtz & Nebs Jack — I Understand Perfectly (Extended Mix)
Zac — Tucupi Trip (Extended Mix)
ZERB, Franky Wah, Sofiya Nzau — Mwaki (Franky Wah Remix)


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Releases New DOWNLOAD 04.02.2024

New Releases 04.02.2024

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 32

Alessio Bianchi — Boyz Mind EP [Ibiza Talents Records].zip
Andre Salmon, Withoutwork, DJ M33CH, Cesar Mantilla — Following You [Too Many Rules].zip
Anthony Ruiz — Go It EP [Dacusan].zip
Chema Gnz — Passenger Control [Not So Serious].zip
Contenance & Miles Away — The First Feelings _ No Words Needed [Hive Audio].zip
Dajku Twins — Onda [12+1 London].zip
Daniel Sbert — Localizator [Psykometrik Recordings].zip
Deltech — Frisko Disco EP [Zealous Records].zip
Diego Sosa — Somebody [Dirtyclub Music].zip
Dmitry Atrideep — Funny Train [Platform 7even].zip
Domonkos Kucsera — Time to Write [Dynamica].zip
Far&High — Sans Vetements (Remixes) [Kinetika Music].zip
Ignacio Arfeli — Salvation [Terminal M].zip
Joey London Style, Julio Bravo — Dance Motherf_cker [Issues].zip
Karaat — Dice EP [as].zip
Kevin Deep — Movement [Laguna Records].zip
Last Value — All the Girls [blaah! Raw].zip
Legit Trip — Magyar EP [Dreams On Wax].zip
Lenn Wated — Right Back [Huambo Records].zip
Lucas Rotela — Morbos [Reshape Black].zip
Marc Molina — Dance with you [Mad Circle].zip
Matias Ricardes — Pura Vida [Klap Music].zip
Matteo Quezada — Strong Groove [Go On Trax].zip
Miss Mana — Nebula [CANCELLED].zip
Nick Pappa — Maneye [Go Deeva Records].zip
Perky Wires — Cheesecake EP [TBX Records].zip
Rob Stillekens, Drey Kinian — Wave Rider [SK Recordings].zip
Sergio Pardo — Asian Escape Prayer [Orange Recordings].zip
Supernature — Won’t Give Up [Zerothree].zip
Thaddeus X — 1995 _ 1999 [SP Recordings].zip
VA — The Workshop Vol. 7 [I Records].zip
Van Dope — Eternity _ for You [Pattern].zip


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