Hot Dj Charts – Picks 178 (152 Tracks) []

Hot Dj Charts – Picks 178 (152 Tracks)


6RAJ, Static River — Behind Me (Original Mix)
1979 — Speedway (Mark Hoffen 90′ Revision)
Against All √Шdds — Shadows
Alice Deejay — Better Off Alone (Dare U x Leville 2024 Rework)
Amir Telem — I Live In The Shadows (Sunrise Remix)
Angelos — Ages (Original Mix)
Antrim — Meeting Point
Ari Grey feat. Maya Woloszyn — We Own the Night (Findike Extended Remix)
Arnas D & Deividas Bagdanov — Dune (Extended Mix)
ARTBAT, Another Life — In Your Arms (Original Mix)
ASHER SWISSA, Lian Gold — Left Right (Extended Mix)
Bondarev — Meteora
Bound to Divide — Stay (Extended Mix)
Boxer & RYTERBAND — Oceans (Extended Mix)
Bukeka, Ajna (BE) — Anahata (Original Mix)
Andy’s Echo & CEAUS — Awakening (Extended Mix)
Daniel Pinho (US), KAWSAN, Gabi Gray — Nightmares (Extended Mix)
Dapa Deep — Live In A Lie (Extended Mix)
DEADLINE (BR) — Running (Original Mix)
DeepMe, Evelynka — New Future Unfolds
Diana Miro & Klur — Pull Me Through (Extended Mix)
Diego Acosta (UY) & Ch√§r Spinelli — Sonhos
Digital Mess & Ivanshee — Hyperspace Quest (Original Mix)
DJ Ody Roc — Lose Control (Original Mix)
Dmitry Molosh — Insomnia (Original Mix)
Dominik Gehringer — Strange World (Extended Mix)
Emi Galvan & DJ Zombi — Frequency Shift (Extended Mix)
Emi Galvan & DJ Zombi — Train Affair (Extended Mix)
Empire Of The Sun — Walking On A Dream (Engelbert Remix)
Estiva — Undercover Romance (Extended Mix)
Ev Rymd & Joono — Centauri (Original Mix)
Ewan Rill — Lava Dance (Original Mix)
Fairtone — Nocturne (Original Mix)
FJL — Fixation
Flashmob — Apocalypto (Original Mix)
Gassan — Arcadia (Original Mix)
Giorgia Angiuli — RUMI
Habitatt — Fly With Me (Extended Mix)
Helsloot feat. Jono McCleery — One Step (Extended Mix)
Home Shell — You
Hour 11 — Cypress
James Hurr, Arthur Baker — Powder In The Nose (Extended Mix)
K Loveski, Cosmonaut — Shibuya (Original Mix)
Keistep — Silence
KEYTARBI — You Know Me
Korolova, MotherEarth, Tyoz — Nightshapes (Bigfett Extended Remix)
Korolova, MotherEarth, Tyoz — Nightshapes (Extended Mix)
KotieћДr — SeћДlling DreћДams (Extended Mix)
Li.La — Meanings (Original Mix)
Luis M, Double Cheese — Sweet Confections (Original Mix)
Mark Row — Hot Sensation (Original Mix)
Mashk — Galim (Extended Mix)
Mayank — Taraka
Molac — The Sense of God
Morali — Always Call
N1NJA — A Perfect Storm (Extended Version)
Nicolas Viana — Heat Waves (Original Mix)
Nihil Young — Ultima (Extended Mix)
ODARA (BE) — CUBATA (Extended Mix)
Oxyzone — Arenas Doradas
Paul Diep — Mayan
Pietro, Anzzo — Bajo La Luna (Extended Mix)
Raine — I Want to Come Home feat. Lewyn
Ran6dy — Laiyla
Rinzen feat. Shallou — Burnin (Original Mix)
Rockka — Decryptor
RY X — Len√І√≥is (Love Me) (Cassian Extended Remix)
Sevenn & Space Motion — Delete Time (Extended Mix)
Shayan Pasha — Synonym (Original Mix)
Shayan Pasha — Synonym (HAFT Remix)
Sparrow, Barbossa, Young Saab — Lean Into The Sunshine (Original Mix)
Spieltape & Dave Pad — Space Chants (M.O.S. Remix)
Step1, Wasserman — All or Nothing (Original Mix)
Super Flu, Dancing on Lego — Dear Friend (Extended Mix)
Taleman — I’ve Been Dreaming (Deaf Unique Remix)
Tayllor, Lizwi & Aaron Sevilla — Yibona feat. Lizwi (Original Mix)
Weird Sounding Dude — 76 Stars
Wouter Achterberg — Fool Me
Yotto, Anden — Will You Remember Me? (Yotto vs. Anden Extended Mix)
Ytan & Bl√©mmes — Lovers (Extended Mix)
ZAHNA — Violeta (Tojogo Remix)


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