Hot Dj Charts – Picks 68 (88 Tracks) []

Hot Dj Charts – Picks 68 (88 Tracks)

Adana Twins — Nimbus (Original Mix)
Adana Twins — The Curve
Adapter — Back To You (Extended Mix)
Affkt — Let It Burn feat. Sutja Gutierrez (Original Mix)
Akiie — Planet Earth
Anneto, Andre Pulse, JKaash — Following Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Aves Volare & Heerhorst — Delusion (Original Mix)
Ben Tov, Gerry Liberty — Nuwe Reen (Mass Digital Remix)
Better Than Lex — Nothing Stays Wrong (Original Mix)
Brosso & Oppaacha — Strength of Mind (Original Mix)
CASSIMM — The Glitch (Original Mix)
Cherry (UA) — Rebel (Extended Mix)
Colle — ATFER (Musumeci Remix)
Cosmic Gate — Feel It (Avira Extended Remix)
Deepscale — Skanadlous (Original Mix)
Dennis Franchi — Distance (Original Mix)
Dennis Franchi — Forward (Original Mix)
Dizharmonia — Evros (Extended Mix)
Dp-6 — Lotus
Elderbrook — Body (BluePrint Remix Extended)
Eleven Of July — Cassandra (Original Mix)
Elias Kazais, ADDFX — Immerse (Original Mix)
Lone Raven (Original Mix)
Escape Room — Noavou (Original Mix)
Fabrizio Placidi, Valen Carta — Incoming (Original Mix)
Timo Maas, Brian Molko — First Day (DEFLEE, Panic Chase Remix)
Foot Hertz — I Want You (Original Mix)
Goom Gum — Like A Friend (Original Mix)
Grammik — Who Am I (Original Mix)
Greg Ochman — Autre (Original Mix)
Gustaff — Make Me Dance (Enrico Bellan Remix)
Guzt — Expectation (Original Mix)
Haddadi Von Engst feat. Phonic Youth — Til The End (Original Mix)
Herbrido — Robots On Acid
Holy Moly — Polar Lights (Original Mix)
Hot Since 82 — Heater (Original Mix)
JP Candela x Victor Garde — Vital Signs (Extended Mix)
Lampe — The Flight (Original Mix)
Leandro Murua — Storm (Original Mix)
Lee Foss, Franky Wah — Name of Love Feat. SPNCR (Torren Foot Extended Remix)
Lisa Lashes — Lookin’ Good (Sam Divine Remix)
Magic Place — High Feeling (Extended Mix)
Mak Negron — Mofongo (Original Mix)
Makree & DIAL9 — Told You Once (Extended Mix)
Mantrastic, Rechler — Like An Animal (Extended Mix)
Downpour — Marble (Original Mix)
Michael Bibi, Kitty Got Claws — PARADISE feat. Kitty Got Claws (Original Mix)
Michael Gray x James Hurr feat. RoRoe — Jump In (Extended Mix)
M.O.D. — Moonshine (Sham Jam Remix)
NERVO — Basement (Extended Mix)
Noidor — Cropp (Original Mix)
Noizu — Middle (Extended Mix)
Pavel Petrov — Billennium (Original Mix)
Pavel Petrov — Differences (Original Mix)
Roy Malakian, C-Rouge, Jamie Fallon Smith — Humanity (Svet & Micaele Remix Extended)
RSquared — Honey (Original Mix)
RSquared — On My Mind Original Mix)
Santi Glen — Another Life (Extended Mix)
Sebastian Haas, Monograph — The Tank (Original Mix)
Gonzalo Sacc, Rodrigo Lapena — SIMOS TAGIAS-Sinners (Gonzalo Sacc & Rodrigo Lapena remix)
Space Motion, Sassa — Sadness (Original Mix)
Sparrow & Barbossa/Mo’ Horizons/Francis Coletta — Quando Te Veo
Stephan M & Laurent Simeca — Easy Lover (Laurent Simeca Ibiza Mix)
Systema — Science and Technology (Original Mix)
Tomcraft, Artora — Hey (Extended Mix)
Therr Maitz — Superstar (Anton Ishutin Remix)
Tim Enso — Pharaoh
Tim Taste — Memories (Original Mix)
TiM TASTE — The Fall (Original Mix)
Tim Taste — Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Tomcraft, Artora — Hey (Extended Mix)
TooTall — Blossom (Original Mix)
Umutbooy — Miraculous
Vakabular — Attention (Original Mix)
Valerio Bonfa — Tamague (Extended Mix)
Van Dope — Dark Night (Stan Kolev Remix)
Veljko Jovic — Sunlight (Original Mix)
VICTHOR & DSF — Luna (Original Mix)
Wheelup — Elana (Original Mix)
Wolfson — Lost My Way (Extended Mix)
Yasha F — Game With Imagination (Original Mix)
Zuma Dionys — Unity (Original Mix)


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