Releases New DOWNLOAD 13.11.2023

New Releases 13.11.2023

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 46

ACME — Sesuam [Moorgate Records].zip
Allex, Tompy — Wanmaya [Univack].zip
Andhim — Overnight [Superfriends Records].zip
Andres Shockwave — Trellehertz [Ball Park].zip
Arnold & Lane — Power [Techne].zip
Bralan Arias — Jazzy Chato [Closer To Truth].zip
Cassi — Blend [Omeric Riddms].zip
Chicks Luv Us, Yungness & Jaminn — Jumpin’_Party Like [SB Recordings].zip
Daniel Matheus — TATI [Xumba Recordings].zip
E.D.E.R, Q.S.C — Run Away (Extended Mix) [OMNES Records].zip
EDO (UK) — Two Type Trip [DESIGN_ Records].zip
eta, Scrubs — Prayer [Issues].zip
Gant (GR) — Boomer [VIVOR MUSIC].zip
Gio Lucca — Flashback [Nervous Records].zip
Giusepperino, Roof Rats — Babylon [Hot Stuff Record].zip
guerrA. — Sneak Peak EP [Organic Pieces].zip
Ira Ange, Alex Grafton, Amadei — The Vibe [Exx Boundless].zip
Jay Oss — Your Words [Wait n’ Bleed].zip
Jerome Robins, Alex Kenji — Let’s Jack [Stashed].zip
K0V3R — What a Hell Do You Want [Reback Records].zip
Koby Gray — Deep Deep Down [Grind City Recordings].zip
Koke Musik — Running of the Subway [blaah! Records].zip
Latour — Friends [CIRCA TRAX].zip
Local Singles — The Saga [No Context Records].zip
Lucio Agustin — Young Sinatra [Sustain].zip
LUME — Underground Sound [Samani].zip
MI;LAN, Pammin — Wild Cards 20 [Pursuit].zip
Mind Of Us — Amanda [Afterglow Records].zip
Modern Brothers — Astral [Cause Org Records].zip
Mool — Structure EP [Nightcolours].zip
Mr. Cookie — Baby [Arenas Recordings (CR)].zip
Narcotic Symphony — Tribù che balla .ep [Shadow Music.Recordings].zip
Papa Marlin, Bondar — So Fine [Fireworks].zip
Paradoks — The Last Time [Armada Electronic Elements].zip
Renato (CL) — Future [Posay Music].zip
Rise Of The Jellyfish — To The End [WyldCard].zip
Sangarang — Can Love Be Enough [Stereophonic].zip
Sebastian Ledher, The Sauce CL — Unique EP [Play Groove Recordings].zip
SHKAPOV — Foward To Sun [Phisica].zip
Sider Music — House Party [Milky Way Records].zip
Sidney Charles — Groove Avenue EP [Heavy House Society].zip
Techin — Cha Kra [Banca de Cá].zip
The Cube Guys — Anchoas [Cube Recordings].zip
Tommy Loco — Transmit [Wh0 Worx].zip
Wolf Jay — Go Back [Casa Rossa].zip
Za__Paradigma — Omega EP [Microgarden lab.].zip



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