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New Releases 08.05.2022

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


New Releases 36

Andre Salmon, Nick Edwards — Got a Life [ATM030].zip
Anwohner — One Sixty [OLV045].zip
Billy Esteban, Ghenwa Nemnom, Cafe De Anatolia — Mosaic [CDA118].zip
biskuwi — Blind Man’s Labrynth [ALAU067].zip
BruleFer (EC) — Spit It Out [KLTD09].zip
Carles, Tumzz — Perceptions [012].zip
Cocuns, Rob In Sun — Face Three [7V129].zip
Dan Corco, Charlie Sputnik — She’s Got Love [RB280].zip
Daniele Allegrezza, Rob Manuello — Another Glitch EP [TLT035].zip
Dennis Cruz — Ready For The Blues [MUSE031].zip
Divas Of Color, Evelyn _Champagne_ King — One More Time (Remix) [KSS1906].zip
Dub Clap — Drums N’ House [LISZT296].zip
Feinkost — Fishcake [LAC5501].zip
FreedomB — Wuzzi [MI4L041].zip
Froyke — Happy Accidents [DYN122].zip
Haustuff — Haia EP [PR2022632].zip
Influence (IN) — The Fifteenth Star (Remixed) [ARD038].zip
Jeronimo Roncati — Making Music [PBR021].zip
Justo Ferreyra — Terra EP [BSLTD018].zip
Kewito — My Flow [SL030].zip
LKF Project, Jim — Sleepwalker [AZZ46].zip
Luca Lazza, Gezvolt — All Night [WYLD131A].zip
Mágmas — Driving [RTK086].zip
Mallin, Sam Dexter, Clover Ray — Thick Of It [HHW119].zip
Mowree — Acrobatic Sense [DOOT277].zip
Naju — Experiment EP [HCZR425].zip
Orange JD, Cloz — Riddle [D112].zip
P4RTY GROOVIN’ — Movin’ n’ Groovin’ [PLAYMOBIL215B].zip
Panfil & Rubh — Vibe Strong [ER652].zip
Quelupa — Para Ti [AM017].zip
Rjega — Isoband [341C21003].zip
Shawnecy — Bonito [TBZ005].zip
SUPERMONO — Don’t Way [KNR014].zip
Thage — Halssnoer [W315].zip
Tom Neir — I Know You [DMR183].zip
Tomi H — Melting Through [SLC6051].zip




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